Human Heart Nature’s Moringa skin care tandem

Remember my tiny Human Heart Nature racket? Well, it’s still tiny. hehe. Anyway, I really just buy the products for my own consumption.

Last Christmas, I decided to buy a bit more to share with my friends. One of my friends got a small bottle of HHN’s Moringa facial wash.

Well, whaddya know? It worked to clear her face of acne. No acne cream has ever done that so easily before! And she’s quite happy so she ordered one large bottle of Moringa facial wash and another bottle of the toner too.

The best thing about this is that the product is certified organic – your skin and health are safe!

2 thoughts on “Human Heart Nature’s Moringa skin care tandem

  1. Hi Ae. Yes, most Human Nature products are safe to use for teenage skin because they’re organic, all-natural, and mild. They’re not hypoallergenic though, so those with allergies might want to do a patch test first (apply a small amount of product on a patch of skin on the inner side of forearm and observe for an allergic reaction).

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