How to photograph the moon (Advise from a novice)

Ever since I got my camera (a Canon SX100-IS) as a birthday present from hub, I’ve always wanted to get a good shot at the moon. I even read up on how to photograph the moon and gleaned a few tricks.

Saturday night was supposed to be the the night of the biggest full moon for 2009. Unfortunately, by the time I found out, the moon was already covered with clouds. I still attempted anyway, but all I got we’re hazy shots. That I did not have a tripod did not help at all. And then my camera went dead… So…

Last night, hub was out. On the way home, he called to tell me the moon was so full and so bright! I hurried outside, saw the glorioous full moon, and the skies were cloudless too. So I “set up” my studio at the garage – several PLDT directories stacked on top of the aircon compressor, a few balls of clay, and a chair. After many attempts, I finally got this –

how to photograph the moon full moon

Setting: Night snapshot

Self-timer: 2 seconds

Exposure time: 1/800

Aperture: f/4.3

ISO Equiv: 80

Exposure Bias: -1.33

Tripod: 3 balls of clay 😛

(Don’t ask me what the techie terms above mean. I just copied them off the photo details.)

Though my camera is point-and-shoot, it has a powerful zoom feature. After setting in firmly on the makeshift tripod, I zoomed the lense to maximum, and focused it on the moon. A tripod is absolutely necessary, because at that length of zooming of the lense, the slightest movement can blur the image.

(Note to self: Buy a tripod at Quiapo soon. (Husband tells me the cheapest place would be in Raon, Quiapo.)

I am ecstatic with my first successful attempt at photographing the moon! 🙂 Do you have tips and tricks to share on how to photograph the moon?

6 thoughts on “How to photograph the moon (Advise from a novice)

  1. Sister!! Ang galing!! Your tripod is ingenious…parang yung friend ko who used a roll of Kitchen Towels for a tripod. Tara, kelan tayo pupunta ng Raon?

  2. Aliw ako on how you devised a tripod! Hehehe! So Mc Gyver!

    Sayang, I was too busy with my Lord of the Rings movie marathon last night that I wasn’t able to see the mon. Saturday night was very cloudy too.

  3. that looks amazing 😉 i also heard about that but forgot to take a look at it in the evening ;( oh well glad I saw your photo then 😉 have a nice week.

  4. Congratulations! 😀

    I got my tripod as a wish list for the 2007 Kris-Kringle at the Ortigas workplace 😀

    Putting in my full moon link (smaller size nga lang).

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