Healthy Smoothies with fresh fruits and veggies

Helloooooooo, blog! I just wanted to share my latest fascination – healthy smoothies!

The summer went swooshing by and, before I know it, school’s about to start in less than a week! The summer was filled with activities for the kids – the girls had music classes, and Nate learned martial arts. In May, the girls resumed to their Chinese Character Canon lessons. In between were several family events and family-related tasks.

So there go my excuses for not updating my blog. 😀

Anyway, what I wanted to share today is my recent fascination with smoothies! I love smoothies. I make them everyday; I try as much as possible to include greens in them. And here’s what I also learned: I can lose weight, as much as 5 pounds in one week, by having healthy smoothies for dinner instead of a full meal.

I was inspired by this Facebook page – Incredible Smoothies by Tracy Russel. Her smoothies are awesome, and she lost weight by drinking green smoothies.

At first I was using my old blender, which wasn’t powerful enough so my smoothies would often have chunks.

On Mother’s Day, my thoughtful hub and kids surprised me with a better, more powerful Oster blender! So now I enjoy smoother, finer healthy smoothies.

I don’t intend (just yet) on going full vegetarian. But fresh fruit/veggie smoothie dinners seem like a good place to start eating healthier. Here are the smoothie dinners that I’ve been enjoying all summer, along with a few tips. 🙂

healthy smoothies fruits veggies

Wash your fruits and veggies thoroughly!

Before chopping fruits and veggies for smoothie making, I soak them in a DIY veggie and fruit wash:

Mix 1 cup white vinegar + 1 tbsp baking soda in a large bowl of water (approx. 2 liters). Soak the veggies and fruits for 10 minutes, then rinse them in cold water.

This step is important for veggies and fruits that we eat with the skin on. However, I would still peel fruits such as apples and pears (which are usually waxed before being sold in the market).

green smoothie healthy smoothies

I spend about an hour every 2 days or so washing and chopping fruits and veggies for freezing and/or storage in the ref. Frozen fruits are amazing in smoothies because I don’t have to add ice anymore. Also, it’s so convenient to pop frozen fruits into the blender for a quick smoothie anytime of the day.

healthy smoothies grape pineapple carrots cucumber

Fresh grapes and carrots + frozen pineapples and cucumbers + apple juice + water. If I’m blending frozen fruits, I have to add a bit more liquid.

If green leafy vegetables intimidate you, cucumbers are a  great way to start. They are refreshing and the skin (make sure to soak and clean thoroughly) adds fiber.

Pears, apples, bananas, dark skinned grapes + soy milk

healthy smoothies  Lettuce + pineapples + carrots  grapes cucumber peaches banana banana blended in soy milk

Random smoothie! Lettuce + pineapples + carrots + grapes + cucumber + peaches + banana + banana blended in soy milk.

healthy smoothies strawberry yoghurt frozen pineapples carrots cucumber

Frozen carrots + pineapple + cucumber + low-fat strawberry yogurt + water = a refreshing, energizing post-workout smoothie

pineapple apple kale healthy smoothies

…Aaand the smoothies finally become greener. Pineapples + apples + Chinese kale (Chinese broccoli or, in local lingo, ‘kai lan’) blended in apple juice

healthy smoothies green smoothie

Frozen oranges + carrots + bananas + apple + a handful of pechay Tagalog. I’m not a fan of oranges in smoothie. Or maybe I should have taken more time removing the bitter white fibers?

mixed greens and fruits healthy smoothies

Once in a while, I’m able to convince the hub to have some, so I make smoothie for two: carrots + cucumber + pechay + pineapple + watermelon + 1 ripe banana blended in water.

I hope I am able to sustain this smoothie craze. I post smoothie recipes on Instagram so follow me there!

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