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One rainy afternoon, the bored kids wanted to do something- anything! So I taught them how to make dumplings.

I gathered everything we’d be needing for making pork dumplings. I posted the recipe here in my blog some time ago. This time, I left out the shrimps since Nate is allergic to them.

how to make dumplings

Our favorite way of cooking dumplings is by boiling.  But frying makes the dumplings yummier, especially when the dipping sauce is oomphed with chili oil. *slurp*  Making dumplings is a fun and easy activity you can do with your kids this rainy summer. 

how to make dumplings fried dumpling with chili soy sauce

Here are some updates on the recipe I posted two years ago:

How to make dumplings –

1. I don’t add cornstarch anymore. The egg is enough to hold the meat mixture together. The rule, I figured, is two eggs per kilo of ground pork.

2. The more chopped chives (kuchay), the tastier dumplings you get. So go ahead, don’t be shy with the kuchay!

3. Make sure you put enough meat filling in each wrapper. Too little and the dumpling will bubble and break while boiling. Too much and it will break as well. Out of one kilo of pork, we were able to make 60 plump dumplings.

4. A few drops of sesame oil added to the dipping sauce makes a whole lot of difference. For added zing, I  also add chili oil to my sauce.

Click here for the Homemade Chinese Dumplings recipe.

15 thoughts on “How to make dumplings | Recipes for kids

  1. hey, that looks really good! great job on the dumpling.  Can you bring some on next meet? haha 🙂  thanks for the ride by the way!  nice to meet you.

  2. hi! i came across your blog through rachel’s. im from baguio — still live here and i saw that you’re from here too! =)

  3. ang galing-galing mo naman! i have never tried making my own dumplings, pero curious na tuloy ako =) you make it sound so easy!

  4. Hi cess! If I can do it, you can do it better for sure! It’s really easy and simple. Ang sarap pang snack. 🙂

  5. Hi Louann! Thanks for the visit. How I wish one day I could go back to Baguio and live there again. Haay. 

  6. Hi Rach! Yes, it’s so simple and lots of fun to do with kids. I hope you can get to try it with Yohan.

  7. Hi Earth! You’re welcome, see you soon again in future events. The dumplings don’t last a day with my kids so… hahaha!

  8. Hi there, witsandnits! Uh, thanks for the compliments, may pinagmanahan ahehehehe. I meant the dumplings – plump! LOL

  9. I am quite curious how dumplings taste… Now’s even the first time I see it in its real state since I only see it in anime. Cool.

  10. Hi Manang! Sige, kasama yan sa menu when you come visit. 🙂

    Hi Bryan! Madami nito sa Binondo, hehe.

    Hi Julie! Try making some when they get back. The wrappers I buy are from Robinsons, the brand is Dinks. 

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