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When the idea of getting a dog was first brought up by Hub… I notice it’s always Hub who comes up with these pet ideas… When he first brought up the pet-dog idea, I was the least enthusiastic. I told him and the kids many times over that if we were to get a dog, they will have to take care of it. I said I wasn’t into dogs. And the issue of how to housebreak dogs? There’s no way that I was gonna deal with that!

But guess who is now in the thick of all things Parker??? Corek!

One of the most challenging tasks of taking on a new dog is housebreaking. It’s the main reason why I’d rather haveĀ fish orĀ a rodent than a pet that poops, pees and chews on furniture.

But thanks to technology, housebreaking dogs is now made easier with aids like this one –

how to housebreak dogs housebreaking aid

Zema Housebreaking Aid (costs around P250 per bottle) is easy to use. Just spray a bit of the liquid onto a piece of paper or training pad. Let your dog sniff the piece of paper or pad and put it on the area where you want the dog to do its thing.

For Parker, it seems to work. I put the piece of paper sprayed with the liquid on a corner, and he has been going to that corner consistently. I kinda regret, however, assigning the corner because it’s near the dining table! I’m thinking the bathroom is a better idea.

I am also reading up on housebreaking tips online. This article is very helpful. Some tips that I find helpful:

  • Be consistent with the feeding schedule, as dogs almost always poop after eating. Changing meal times can confuse them.
  • Constant supervision during the early weeks is the most effective housebreaking method. Under your watchful eyes, lesser “accidents” are bound to happen. Once you see your dog doing the pre-pooping/weewee dance (going around in circles, sniffing the floor with raised tail), bring it outside.
  • Be generous with praise and verbal cues. Just like rearing a child, positive reinforcement always works better than the opposite.

I hope the housebreaking spray plus the tips above work! So far, Parker seems cooperative and obedient – such a good boy! (Hay, nakaka in love! <3 )

Do you have housebreaking tips to share?

4 thoughts on “How to housebreak dogs | Living with Parker

  1. I’ll get one of that, even if i’m not sure if it will still work for our dog. mag-2yo na siya a october e. *crosses fingers*

  2. I long to have our own dog or cat too. We live in a condo and I don’t think I can live with them on such a small space.

    Hugs to Parker for being such a good boy!

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