How do I lose the last five?

For the past two (going three) years, I was able to achieve most of my fitness goals – I’ve stuck to my fitness regimen (well, for the most part, anyway); I did not go back to my old weight (whew!), I’ve taken up a sport (running… Well, kinda).

But there’s just one goal that remains to challenge me – getting rid of the last five pounds!

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Sometime ago, ephedra diet pills were recalled due to adverse side effects that were experienced by users. Now they have been reformulated and claim to be safer. Would you still take the risk? I am for natural, long-term methods of weight loss. I have learned through experience that diet pills do not effectively work to keep weight off in the long run.

One thought on “How do I lose the last five?

  1. I will not take the risk of taking diet pills just to lose weight. Just like you, I am after natural methods. No side effects other than tiredness (hehehe). It is a lot safer. Maybe for some it works din.

    What I tried before is a Slimming Tea. Oh, its super hassle especially for someone who travels a lot. Hindi ko kaya ang effects nya. But they say some slimming tea also contains ephedra.

    Kaya siguro for now, ok na ang running at gym. Goodluck with the last five! Im sure you can brush ’em off. 🙂

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