Home printing – laser vs. ink

What kind of printer do you use at home?

I have an HP laser printer-scanner-copier and I love it!

Though I rarely use the printer for printing, my kids often do for school projects and homework. Hub also brings home work from the office, and he’d sometimes need to scan, print or copy stuff. So I find my printer so handy and ideal.

I previously owned two Canon inkjet printers. Both conked out on me, specifically the printerheads. So I vowed never again to buy inkjet printers. I know manufacturers recommend using only original ink cartridges, but they’re too expensive and don’t go a long way. (So yeah, I was guilty of using ‘replacement’ ink, teehee.)

I’ve had my HP 3-in-1 printer for almost a year now; I’ve yet to change the toner cartridge. Though laser toner is more expensive, I find it more cost-effective than ink cartridges.

The 3-in-1 unit may have been more expensive, but it’s more cost-efficient in the long run.

I also think hp printers are more hardy than Canons. IMHO. 😀

One thought on “Home printing – laser vs. ink

  1. We’ve been using our current printer (a multifunction Canon),
    for more than two years already. So far we’ve had no problems with it. =D
    But you’re right that the original ink cartridges are relatively expensive,
    even here in Japan. We’ll consider buying a laser when our current one
    gets broken.

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