Home-cultured Kefir

Some time ago, a blogger friend, Jane, gave me some kefir grains. Prior to that, I have never seen, tasted or heard of kefir, except for occasionally reading her blog entries about it.

One of the benefits of kefir I was told about is the strengthening of the immune system against infections and allergies. Since I have one atopic son, those were enough magic words.

So, initially guided by Jane, I cultured my kefir grains and started preparing kefir shakes for the family. Pretty soon, it became routine, but unfortunately I got busy and neglected my culture.

In short, my kefir grains have been asleep in the ref for several months now. But this article by Jane on kefir is inspiring me to awaken the sleeping grains. One more wondrous benefit I learned through the article is kefir’s ability to promote relaxation and sleep, by virtue of its high content of tryptophans. Tryptophans are amino acids that are said to promote relaxation and better sleep – like a natural sleep aid!

Now sleep is something I’d love to have more of!

2 thoughts on “Home-cultured Kefir

  1. I also got curious with Kefir. I even got an email from Jane offering me her kefir grains, but didn’t take it since I rarely have time to prepare our food. =(

  2. i was browsing the net for kefir products and stumbled upon your blog. i have a friend that was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. it was diagnosed as cancerous and we were looking for possible cure to avoid it from being a full blown cancer. someone mentioned about the kefir product and if it’s possible that you have some to spare, it will be greatly appreciated. we are located in taguig manila. if you have any suggestions, we would greatly appreciate your help.

    many thanks!!!

    beverly cinco

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