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Last Saturday, I went to visit my brother-in-law’s mom at the Philippine Heart Center. She had total hip replacement surgery. Her femoral head and neck were fractured from a fall, causing her so much pain and limiting her to a chair for weeks. Finally, the surgery was done, and now she is recuperating. (Get well, Mama A! May you be up and tinkering about in your garden soon. Hugs!)

Anyway, I parked my trusty ol’ car outside the hospital premises, seeing that there was construction going on where the carpark used to be and thinking that parking inside may be limited. Silly me, there was a huge parking area at the back of the hospital. Sillier me, I did not think of transferring my car there. To cut it short, my side mirrors – just the mirrors, but both of them – were stolen.

Most Manila folks know where these stolen side mirrors end up – in Banawe Street, the place to go for all things that have to do with automobiles. Though the automobile industry along Banawe Street are mainly composed of legit businesses, peddlers and hawkers have claimed their share of the thriving motorist market. Stolen mirrors are among the many items openly peddled by bystanders who could be the thieves themselves. Because it is often difficult to find legit car shops that would sell just the mirror (not including the whole assembly, which costs at least Php3,000 [about USD65] apiece for my old car model), victims find themselves buying from the “steal trade”. Double-victims – they may have bought what actually belonged to them. Triple-victims if they don’t have good haggling skills.

Though it would have been cheaper to buy from the peddlers, Hubby and I firmly resolved to boycott the steal trade. Our resolve paid… for, lucky us, we found a car shop that sold brand-new side mirrors. Hubbs did not buy the original branded version- that would have cost him an arm (exaggerated!). He just bought an imitation version – at least it’s not stolen! – for only Php350/pair (about USD7.00). The quality is not that good, but it works. Besides, they’re good thief-deterrents (having low resale value). So why settle for the steal trade when there are brand new ones legitly available?

My appeal to motorists: Please do not support the steal trade. To borrow from ACAP/WildAid‘s slogan: When the buying stops, the stealing can too. The next victim could be you. (And they rhyme too! 😛 )



p1010387_edited.JPGI found this while rummaging for items to give away to my younger sister Shiraz who’s due to give birth to her second child (a boy at last!) in a month or so. Since we are a huge family of 6 girls (yes, six!), we’ve made it a point to save baby/pregnancy items for whoever might be next in line. And what a long line it has been!

This bottle was given to me by my older sister DaVinci shortly after she gave birth to Jilli, and before I gave birth to Magnate. DaVinci received it from Ravioli, who got it from the hospital when she gave birth to Honky Tonk. Now I shall bequeath its lasting legacy of relief and comfort to Shiraz.

Can you guess what the bottle is for?

Nope, it’s not for ketchup! Not for mayo either. Definitely not for toyo or patis!
Sirit na? It’s a squirt bottle for washing during those tender first few days after delivery. Any mom who has given birth knows what I am talking about. Everything is tender and swollen, and washing becomes torturous. So some inventive mind (a mom I bet!) came up with the squirt bottle. It has a special snout that gives a wonderful bidet-effect of refreshing water. Its body is so soft and easy to squeeze, so the “spray strength” can be manipulated. I would mix in some Lactacyd with the water for the extra-refreshing feel.

May Shiraz find great relief in it as Rav, DaV and I did. 😉


Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful moms!


Side mirror photo from Stockxpert.

13 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. I had a similar squirt bottle the hospital gave me then. It sure was of good use. Goodluck to Shiraz (love the name, btw) – love that kind of red wine too.

    happy mother’s day to you too

  2. In my time, it was called lavage. The nurse would do it hour on the hour. always looked forward to it.

    How ingenious that you created your own lavage. Do you use warm water?

  3. Good thing they only took your side mirrors and not the car!!
    Happy Mother’s Day too. Will take note of that sort of squirt bottle .. when the time comes.

  4. re: steal trade
    According to one fellow I met in Pinas there’s an “advance order” for certain models & makes nowadays, as in for cars & phones. Grabe.

    re: passing from sis to sis
    Pareho tayo. We’re all girls (3) & we save our stuff too from maternity clothes & bras to girdles & baby toys. Kakatuwa ‘no?

  5. Hi Leah and Salen! I heard that in hospitals abroad it’s part of the maternity kit. I hope soon it will also be available here, though I could not benefit from it as I’m not having kids anymore 🙁

  6. Hello annamanila!
    It was good in your time the nurses did it for you. I may be atypical, but I find cold water more refreshing and relieving than warm hehe. Of course I got scolded by my mom for this.. tsk tsk.
    I remember also in my first two deliveries, there was the “perilight” sessions, which was preceded by the betadine dressing/washing. On my last delivery (and my sis’ too), these weren’t done anymore. Maybe they learned the perilight wasn’t really effective in hastening healing?

  7. Hi toni! Welcome back!
    No, they would not even attempt to take the car- too old for the carnap trade!

    Baka the squirt bottle is available in your hospitals in Germany so no worries for you 🙂

  8. Hi auee!
    Grabe talaga, lalo na sa carnapping business, there are really pre-orders.

    It’s really fun having sisters. From before pa, talagang share kami sa lahat- clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories. Now that we’re all (except for 1) mothers, we still hand down baby clothes, tpys and maternity stuff! Ang saya talaga! 😀

  9. Too bad about your side mirrors. That is so aggravating.

    I knew what that bottle was 🙂 The ones I got from the hospital were also used by my girls when they were smaller and just learning to wash. They liked using that squirt bottle better than the tabo.

  10. i remember i just sat in the bath tub with warm water. i felt sooo good. i did it several times per nurse’s order.

    i sense closeness among the sisters…galing naman. .

  11. Bad luck on having your side mirrors stolen. 🙁

    But I love this tradition you have with your sisters of passing on maternity stuff. It’s just makes for great bonding memories which will last for years and years.

  12. Hi there Jmom!
    Good idea on the other use of the squirt bottle. Is the bottle so expensive that we can’t have it in local hospitals? Even the high-end hospitals don’t.

    Hi Belle! Yes, we are a very blessed that we are a close-knit family. I’m thankful that there are never major issues/fights among us, unlike some horror stories i hear about other families which I HOPE will never happen in ours.

    Hi May! My eldest used to have jogging pants which were passed on to her by my youngest sister. I keep a blanket which was my 3rd sister’s eldest’s. Likewise, my 1st sister’s youngest have clothes which came from my eldest. Nakakahilo ba? I can go on and on… Ganyan pag umikot ang mga stuff sa amin. Sulit na sulit LOL 😀

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