Hello, blog!

It’s been a while, eh?

Nope, I did not go into hibernation. I’m still around.

In fact, I’ve never been working online more than I am now. Never been more wired.

I’ve been blessed with work!

Some time in February, I started working as a contributing editor. It’s a freelance job, and I work from home (or practically anywhere that has internet connection).

Since 2004 when I resigned from my regular day job, I’ve been doing my best (read: trying hard) to be a work-at-home mom (WAHM) . I’ve had small writing gigs here and there – contributing to some websites, copywriting at one time, doing “paid opps”. But those come in trickles. Sometimes I don’t get any at all;   other times they keep pouring in.

But this is the first time I am actually on a payroll. It’s a contractual thing, and freelance at that. But I love that I am earning a wee bit more, and still able to do all the things I used to… well, to a lesser degree I must say.

This editor job consumes my everyday. I’ve made a karir out of it. A few days into the job, I began dreaming of deadlines and articles. But I gradually eased into the job and I don’t dream as much about it anymore. Hehehe.

So please check out the Health and Wellness channel at the Philippine Online Chronicles . We just started publication in March but the wealth of topics is wonderful – I love the writers! Topics go beyond diet supplements and weight loss.

I hope you learn as much as I am learning. And I hope your resolve to live healthier lives becomes stronger as you read the articles, as mine did.

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Hello, blog!

  1. so thats the reason i havent been seeing new entries pala…i kinda missed your blogs kse. they sort of relieve my stress.

    well, goodluck to your new “karir”. basing on how you write in your blogs, i know you’ll do good! 🙂

  2. Hi attyalfa! Thanks for the visit and for the encouraging words 🙂 Hopefully, i get back into the blogging groove quickly.

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