Heaven(?) & Eggs

This morning the family had a boardroom bedroom meeting to decide where to eat breakfast. Hubby wanted to eat at Masuki in Manila; Patchy supported him. I, on the other hand, resisted.

“I don’t feel like going to the old, dingy place today.”

VGood wanted KFC chicken. All three of us chorused: “NO!” I told VGood that if she continues to eat chicken one more day, she will start growing feathers. She was thoughtful, maybe she imagined herself looking like a hen!

I suggested Max’s power breakfast; besides, there’s a Max’s nearby. But then again, I remembered some not-so-nice review I read about this branch so I retracted my suggestion. Husband suggested Gloria Maris dimsum kitchen. I started to salivate, thinking of the congee, dimsum and bicho. But the 2 girls were quick to disagree. Again, husband suggested several options: Causeway? Wan Chai? David’s Teahouse? (Can you spot the common denominator among his suggestions?)

With each one came the “wrong answer” buzzer. *thumbs down*

Husband was silent for a while, then firmly declared: “Enough discussions. I’m deciding where we eat. Wala nang kokontra (no one contradicts). We eat at Heaven ‘N Eggs.”

Meeting adjourned.

We got to Heaven ‘N Eggs-Tomas Morato branch at around 10 am already. (The meeting took soooo long!) Having eaten here several times before, I was worried we’d have to wait long to be seated as Sunday breakfasts are usually busy. I was saying in the car: “Plan B will be Gloria Maris then”, to which husband pleasantly smiled.

I was surprised to find several tables actually waiting for us and others to fill. Husband and I were even more surprised to find a new menu – just a huge board with the items listed on both sides. We were informed by the food attendant that changes were made last Monday. Apparently, the menu has been updated to include only the best-selling items. Good point on that one. Or, so I thought.

Since we were dining with 2 kids (Nate doesn’t count – he’s barely 2-teeth old), we first looked for the Kid’s Menu. It’s been taken out, we were told. Okay.

So we ordered: the usual 2 sets Chicken Steak (hubby’s fave) with creamy sauce and scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, fries (redundant, I know!), and pancakes on the side*(Php155.00 each); pizza omelet (Php175.00); a stack of 5 pancakes (Php90.00); and coffee (Php59.00). (Prices do not include 12% VAT and 6% service charge.)


Chicken Steak with creamy sauce in its original state, circa December 2006

*To our disappointment, we were informed that the meals do not come anymore with fries and pancakes on the side. These will have to be ordered separately. “But the prices for the meals are the same?” we asked. The attendant confirmed and just shrugged. Okay. Maybe the chicken will be bigger, we speculated.

While waiting for the food, I began to feel hot despite being seated directly in front of the A/C unit (a strategic place, so we thought). Boy, it was hot inside the place, even if all 3 huge A/C units were running. Husband got nosy and walked over to the A/C to peek at the filter. “It’s so dirty!” he whispered, then added: “This place should be called Hell ‘N Eggs!”

We asked for the electric fan to be turned on. The staff fumbled for a few minutes to plug it. Finally she found a plug, turned the fan on, but it won’t rotate. So it was another table (which apparently complained about the heat too) that got the benefit of the fan. *sigh*

The food came. Loved the pizza omelet (in fairness!). The kids loved the pancakes (which seem to have shrunk) and, of course, ate just that! The chicken steaks were bad though. Instead of the creamy sauce we’ve come to love, the steaks came with brown gravy that was way toooo salty! The chicken was greasy, and the oil did not smell fresh. (Hubby is always particular with the oil used for frying his food.)

Overall, the experience was not good. The service was still slow just as before, even if it wasn’t a full house today and the staff, in fairness to them, were trying really hard to work faster. I noticed several tables having to follow-up on their orders.

The menu changes were not for the better, in my opinion. If they take out some items which used to come with an order, they should have at least reduced the prices a bit.

Finally, with the sweltering Manila summer heat, nobody needs to be sweating inside an air-conditioned place. If you own a restaurant, some folks (at least my family) will appreciate well-maintained air-conditioning units.

Being the good customers that we are, we told the food attendant all our complaints before we left. She apologized and said she will inform the manager. I hope she does, and they do something. It will benefit future customers. Count us out.

8 thoughts on “Heaven(?) & Eggs

  1. I can totally relate with you… Although, I haven’t been to Heaven and Eggs but I’ve been to restaurants which barely gives you any comfort from the summer heat.
    Just like you, I feel that management shoul know these concerns.

    By the way, I hope you don’t mind … I have tagged you. Seven songs.
    Hope you can play along. No rush!

  2. Hello Christianne and salen. Thanks for stopping by. Sayang because we used to love eating breakfast there even if we had to wait for a while, mainly because of the huge servings… hehe

    Salen, it’s been quite a while since I listened to music while blogging. That’s because I only have headphones, and I have to listen for Magnate if he cries… He’s sleeping now so okay i will listen to my fave playlist 😀

  3. Chats, love your new blog. I haven’t claimed my winning yet from Noemi because I have been gone. I wonder if it is still good.

    I wouldn’t go back there either. Good you told the attendants about your concerns. Hope the management will do something about it or run the risk of losing their business.

  4. Thank you, Belle! I’m sure your prize is still good… Maybe you’ll have time to build your “new home” when you get back home… For now, enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  5. We used to frequent the branch at Glorietta when it was relatively new but got tired of the menu after some time.

    I haven’t been back there for a while. I didn’t know that they removed some items on the menu but maintained the price. Tsk! Tsk! Bad marketing move on their part.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Take care!

  6. they should keep up with their name, sayang naman ang “Heaven” part of the name. i do not tell the attendants about my complaint, i ask for the manager and talk to him/her. that way, complaint will be direct, and my intention is constructive.

  7. sometimes, when production costs go up, a restaurant would rather decrease portion sizes than increase the selling price. because customers are only willing to spend so much, so it may not necessarily be a bad marketing move. what would have been better though would be to reformat the item to be:
    * Chicken with creamy sauce 145.00 (notice the slight drop in price)
    – with Pancakes & Fries, add xx.xx

    restaurants always appreciate immediate feedback. next time, try pancake house for breakfast. i noticed that was not one of your choices. heaven and eggs has always been, to me, “heaven” only in terms of portion size, not food quality.

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