Healthy snacks for school kids from Healthy Options

My two girls went back to school last Tuesday, while the little boy is still eagerly waiting for his classes to start next week. It’s that time of the year again for preparing healthy snacks for school kids.

One of the challenges I faced in the past when my girls were much younger (they are 9 and 13 now) is being picky with food. (This isn’t much of a problem with the little boy.)

In my attempt to provide healthy snacks, I’d prepare sandwiches that would, unfortunately, end up uneaten. That’s how picky there were. Thankfully, they have outgrown the picky-eater stage.

Nate, on the other hand, is not very picky with his food. But he has a lot of food allergies so it’s also difficult providing him nutritious snacks that won’t cause a skin flare-up.

Healthy Options recently sent me a couple of healthy snacks for school kids to try out.

Healthy snacks for school kids Healthy Options Late July crackers

Late July Classic Saltine Crackers (Php 149.00) are made from organic ingredients produced without synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and genetic engineering.

I find the crackers a bit salty (of course, they’re saltine). This can be balanced with a salsa dip, which makes it an even healthier snack.

Nate likes the crackers as they are though. Because it’s organic and preservative-free, I have no qualms giving the crackers to him.

Healthy snacks for school kids from Healthy Options Late July organic crackers

Fried snacks loaded with transfats are obviously bad. So food manufacturers started baking them. But here’s something new – popped snacks.

Popcorners (Php 139.00 f0r a 5-oz. bag) are air-popped from real corn and have the same crunchy goodness as chips – minus the bad stuff. We heart Popcorners!

Healthy snacks for school kids from Healthy Options Popcorners

Kettle-flavored Popcorners are sweet-salty.

I am a lover of chips; so are my kids. (We’ve put a limit on our consumption though – just on Friday nights.) Nate, since he has skin asthma, isn’t allowed to eat chips. So when I offered him some Popcorners, he had this puzzled-slash-surprised look on his face. “I can eat chichirya?!” I said yes, he can eat this one.

Healthy snacks for school kids from Healthy Options Popcorners with salsa

Popcorners are great with salsa dip!

One of the baddest of the bad that’s in chips are trans fats, which cause several illnesses including heart disease, obesity and colon cancer. Popcorners have zero trans fats.

Healthy snacks for school kids from Healthy Options Popcorners nutrition info

Healthy snacks for school kids from Healthy Options Popcorners nutrition info 2Click photos to view nutritional info.

At Php 139 for each big bag, Popcorners isn’t cheap. But we get what we pay for. For those who put a premium on their kids’ health, consider healthier snacks instead of chips that are loaded with trans fats and empty calories.

Late July crackers do not have trans fats, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives and cholesterol. They are good for Kosher and Vegan diets. Late July products are certified USDA Organic.

Popcorners are all-natural, gluten-free popped corn chips. Other flavors are Butter, Sea Salt, and White Cheddar.

Both are available at Healthy Options stores.

What healthy snacks for school do you prepare for the kids?

8 thoughts on “Healthy snacks for school kids from Healthy Options

  1. Uy, I like to try that popcorn triangles like Toni posted also! 🙂
    I always buy milk from Healthy Options, and other snacks for special diet needs… I guess it’s time to buy some this weekend! 🙂

  2. OOOH KETTLE! I love Popcorners! I tried the Jalapeno one though and the spice got in the way of my popcorn enjoyment. So Kettle it is next time!!

  3. Hi toni! I like sweet-salty, but I think I’d want to try jalapeno too… My kids and I love Cheetos jalapeno, hehe. We were joking that since japalenos are veggies, it (cheetos jalapeno) could count as our veggie intake for the day! LOL

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