Havaianas Children’s Flipflops Recall (With Updates)

In the news yesterday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that certain designs of Havaianas children’s flipflops are being immediately recalled from the market due to excessive levels of lead in the paint used for decorative designs.

The announcement, found here, says:

Flip flops of the Havaianas brand containing decorative paint were sold under the following model names: Baby Estampas, Baby Pets, Kids Apple, Kids Fairy, Kids Flores, Kids Lighthouse, Kids Monsters, Kids Surf, Baby Letrinhas, Kids Sports, Kids Candies, Kids Fun, Kids Love, Kids Sereias, Kids Speed, Kids Lucky Bug, Kids Pets, Kids Rock, Kids Slim, Kids Wonder Woman, Kids Small Flowers and Kids Tropical w/Kit. A photo of a representative flip flop is provided below. Havaianas flip flops without decorative paint are not being recalled. (Emphasis mine.)

My daughter V has a pair of Kids Lucky Bug. My nieces and nephews, whose parents are certified Havaianas junkies, I’m sure have Havaianas children’s flipflops that are part of the recall.

Please check your kids’ flipflops. You can compare photos of kids’ flipflops here with the list above. I am not sure how the distributor in the Philippines (Terry S.A.) will deal with this recall. Let’s all keep posted.

Meanwhile, don’t let the kids wear those ‘flops anymore. just yet.

UPDATE: March 5, 2009 / 11:40 PM

According to QTV News tonight, the local distributor in the Philippines, Terry S.A., has temporarily stopped selling flipflops with the same designs as listed in the US Recall.  The pull-out is a precautionary measure, they say. This, while the company is determining whether or not the flipflops sold in our country came from the same batch as those being recalled in the U.S. While that is not yet determined, and while samples are being tested, there is no offer yet for replacement of flipflops from Terry S.A.

Let’s hope they’re not the same batches.

(Watch news video here.)

9 thoughts on “Havaianas Children’s Flipflops Recall (With Updates)

  1. Whew. Thanks for this info. I just watched it on the news. Thankfully, my son’s havis are plain. =)

  2. Hi Manang Toni,

    In the US, the recalled slippers will be replaced. Here in the Philippines, there is no news yet. I know it’s a long process but it can be done kung gugustuhin nila. that is, kung needed naman. I remember when I was still working with vaccines, we had to recall some (read: severa thousands of doses) Hepa A vaccines. The labor we did! Pero we were able to replace most, as far as I know.

  3. Hi Dyan,

    Thanks for the visit. I’m still keeping posted for other updates, but so far the news seem to have died down. I still don’t know what to do with my kid’s flip flops.

  4. Hi, my daughter  and my son has lighthouse, fairy, estampas and monster havaianas and they’re still using it. Do i have to let them stop using it?  How can it affect them?

  5. Hi Sheila, thanks for the visit. I cannot make the decision for you as to letting them use the slippers or not. Terry S.A. has not provided updates on the testing results. As for me, my daughter is off her havs muna, until Terry S.A. announces that they are safe.

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