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I have fond memories of family game nights from when I was younger.  On stormy nights and the power goes out, my sisters would bring out the Boggle set, our first of several family fave Hasbro games.

On other nights, it would be just shadow play or a deck of playing cards. Sometimes we’d get together with our cousins and play hide-and-seek in the vast backyard of Lolo’s house.

Fast-forward to today… I try, whenever I can, to hold game nights with my family too. Unfortunately though, we often prefer chips-and-TV night. So, pfffffffft to us.

But yes, we do have Scrabble and Boggle sets. One of the girls also recently got an UNO deck of cards from a friend. Sporadically we’d play them, and yes, we actually have fun!

Last Saturday, I was invited by Color Mix Corporation, the exclusive distributor of the Hasbro games, to a gathering of mommy bloggers at Borough Restaurant, Podium. Our hosts introduced us to Hasbro’s line of family games. More importantly, they spoke about the importance of having family game nights.

Hasbro games family game night
The group played a round of Taboo, one of the Hasbro games exclusively distributed by Color Mix in the Philippines. Thanks to Rowena (of Animetric’s World) for extending the invite!

So what are the benefits of regularly holding game nights with the family?

It strengthens the family bond. After a long week of working hard in the office and at school , playing games together is a perfect way to unwind. It’s good to let your hair down and share laughs with the kids.

It teaches kids life skills. Let’s face it – in such a competitive world where kids as young as pre-school age are already being groomed for “big-school” readiness, winning seems to be everything. But in the real world, losing is as much, if not more than, a part of life as winning. Games also teach basic courtesies such as taking turns and sharing.

It promotes learning. For example, you can inject a bit – just a little bit so you don’t spoil game night, duh – of learning when playing word games such as Boggle. It’s good to have the dictionary handy so you can look up together words that sound foreign/questionable to some.

It creates a tradition that the kids actually look forward to, more than going out to the movies or their favorite restaurant. And that translates to savings, moms and dads! 😀

How do you get started on your family game nights? Here are some suggestions:

1. Decide on a day of the month and mark it on the calendar. Take one weekend night (or two!) off every month, and make it a regular family date.

2. Create excitement. Make game night something the kids will look forward to. That can be achieved by serving a family favorite for dinner, having pizza delivered, or tolerating chips just for the night (woohooo!).

3. Honor winners. This can be done by keeping a scoreboard every game night. You can choose to amp it up by dangling a prize for the grand winner come year-end.

4. Invite special guests – cousins, neighbors or friends. It’s always more fun when laughs are shared.

5. Select the games. There are many family games to choose from. Hasbro has a long line and there’s something for everyone. It’s good to play different games in cycles so the kids won’t get bored.

Hasbro games Christmas gift ideas
Some games from Hasbro, clockwise from top: Jenga Transformers (P1399.75); Twister Hopscotch (P1199.75); Boggle (P899.75); Bop it! (P1199.75); Operation in Toy Story 3 Edition (P999.75); Game of Life 50th Anniversary Edition (P1499.75).

As a token, our hosts from Color Mix gave each of the mommy bloggers a Hasbro game toy. I got Bop it! – a fun game that involves focus and coordination and can be played in singles or as a group during parties. It’s similar to “Simon says”, only the tiny contraption plays an upbeat tune you can bop to while following its orders.

The Christmas break would be a great time to introduce family game nights. I myself would like to revive and make family game nights a tradition. I want my kids to look back when they’re all grown up and remember the beautiful memories we made on family game nights.

Hasbro Games are available at major department stores and toy stores all over the Philippines. They make great gift ideas for Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Hasbro games | Family game nights

  1. I super love BOP IT! do they still have the key chain version? I used to have two of these things and bring it with me on plane flights until it broke.

  2. Yes, at this point of your family life … it’s about creating memories. Sometimes, the occasion is unexpected .. as in nawalan ng ilaw for hours and there was nothing much to do but to sing together, exchange stories, or try to play cards or scrabble (hwag lang ouija board ha) in the dark. But a structured play night would be swell as well.

  3. Hi Fris! Am not sure about the key chain versions and if they’re available locally. We’re going to literally road-test Bop it when we go up to Baguio for the holidays! haha

  4. Hi Anna! The Scrabble set you gave me used to be very well-used, hehe. Time to resurrect it 😀

    I’ve never tried playing Ouija but when i was younger, karay-karay ako sa Spirit of the Glass sessions ng mga ate ko, hehe. (Congenital pala ang pagkakaladkarin ko, ano? LOL)

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