Happy on Mother’s Day

I knew the kids were up to something…

The girls were always ‘busy’ doing some project behind closed doors in Patch’s room.

Then, on Friday morning, V hands me a list of grocery stuff.

V: “Can you please buy these? It’s for your… err… surprise breakfast on Mother’s Day. So, uh, it’s not a surprise. Anymore.”


So I definitely knew there was something up. (In fact, I knew the breakfast menu, haha!)

On Mother’s Day morning, I felt Hub waking the kids up at 7 AM. The two girls quietly left the room, talking in hush-hush voices. Teehee. Syempre di na ako nakatulog after that in anticipation. After a few minutes – they came in with a wonderful-smelling breakfast. Nate and hub got up… And they woke me up (I pretended to be asleep).

The breakfast crew (upper left) made breakfast-in-bed for iMom: a stack of Buttery French Toasts and a mug of hot choco. (Ewww, check out my fresh-from-the-bed look!)

And below is what the closed-door meetings were all about:

A “Happy Mother’s Day” letter project!

They were supposed to hang the letters from the dining room lights (hence the apostrophe in “Mothers” was omitted), but they had time constraints (read: Mom was always trying to be nosy).

Afterwards, we went to Trinoma to buy a pressure cooker… Errr, is it really for me? haha. (I think it’s for Ate Josie. I know what else she needs: chrome step stools for reaching up high into the kitchen cabinets, teehee.)
And then lunch at our new favorite Choi Garden.

My family always tries to make me feel special on Mother’s Day. And they never fail.

Thank you, iPatch, V, Nate for the wonderful surprise. And thank you, Hub, for always being in on everything. Love you always!

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