Happy Delicious Kitchen for Taiwanese comfort food

Being sick today (for the past 4 days, actually) makes me crave for comfort food. Comfort food is Ilocano food that I grew up with. Chinese food has also become my comfort food. And the turo-turo style at Happy Delicious Kitchen apeals so much to me and my family!

My favorite is Taiwanese pientong –  packed lunch box that consist of one meat dish, 2 veggies and rice. In Taiwan, hub’s folks don’t have to bring me to anywhere fancy. I’d be perfectly happy with a pientong, especially the porkchop rice, from one of the turo-turos there.

Locally, we are, or at least I am, always on the hunt for authentic Taiwanese turo-turo. And we were happy to have discovered Happy Delicious Kitchen on, where else, Benavidez Street, Binondo! One can go on a Benavidez food trip and get a huge taste of Binondo already…

Happy Delicious kitchen benavidez street

Check out the wide variety of food!

Happy Delicious Kitchen is right on the corner of Salazar and Benavidez Streets. It’s a typical Taiwanese turo-turo, with lots of pre-cooked food choices of meats, chicken, fish, shrimps, seafood, sausages, and veggies. Most buy to-go food, which makes sense because the dining space is really small.

Happy Delicious Kitchen taiwanese turo-turo

Happy Delicious Kitchen turo turo lots of ulam

But guess what I settle for there, always?

Happy Delicious Kitchen pork chop rice

Yup! Pork chop rice! This one has mapo tofu and the veggie is either kangkong or pechay. Taiwanese pork chop is my favorite, hehe. 😀

5 thoughts on “Happy Delicious Kitchen for Taiwanese comfort food

  1. naku, my husby would love this. masubukan nga minsan. natutuwa ako sa name niya, happy delicious. pangalan pa lang appetizing na 🙂

  2. Cess, mahilig ba si hubby sa Chinese food? Naku, I tell you, just hit Benavidez Street… How about we take Binondo, one street at a time? Hmm..

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