Happy Birthday, VGood!

Yesterday was Vera’s 7th birthday.

I originally planned to hold a party for her 7th and Nate’s 2nd (on July 6th). But technohub and I figured a family weekend getaway would be more economical (and hassle-free) than organizing a full-blown birthday bash. So yes, weekend getaway won over kiddie party. 😀

Since we do our grocery shopping every Sunday, we all went to the mall as usual. First stop, though, was at the department store – V wanted new shoes for her birthday. I don’t really spoil my kids; they’re used to the talk-to-the-hand sign whenever they point and say “I want this! I want this!” , so they eventually stop clamoring. But during special days such as birthdays and Christmas, they usually have their wishes granted. ( So far, no one has asked for the moon, so…)

After shopping for VGood’s shoes, Nate’s shoes, Patch’s shoes, hub’s shoes and iMom’s groceries (poor me, LOL), we went to our favorite Taiwanese fastfood/grocer, Shuin at Retiro Street, Quezon City. We let the birthday girl decide where to eat, and she chose Shuin because she simply loves the pork dumplings (of which she can devour 20 pieces in one seating!).

No birthday at our home is ever complete without the cake and candles. Hub bought Red Ribbon‘s new Red Velvet Cake, with white chocolate icing (yummy), rich red chocolate cake, and raspberry+rice-crispies filling. We all loved it, even hub who generally does not like chocolate (hooray for me!).

Happy 7th Birthday, Little V. Thank you for the laughs, the love, and the sweet little kisses. I love you forever.

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, VGood!

  1. ang pretty talaga ni vera, happy birtthday girl!
    o nagustuhan mo ba yung groceries, nagkasya naman siya sa yo =D? huu, if i know, happy ka naman na groceries sa iyo at shoes sa kanila 😉
    yes, i myself prefer a trip to celebrate a bday. mas feel ang bonding ng family =)

  2. Happy Birthday, Vera!! Sayang, alam mo we were also really planning to go to Subic for my birthday celebration. Last week kasi we just got back from Palawan tapos binagyo pa. So dapat this weekend. Eh kaso my kids are sick so baka next weekend na lang. Otherwise riot si Vera and her new buddy Gaby could have had a rip roaring time in Subic.

    Wish ko lang you guys have the best time there 🙂

  3. happy birthday vera 🙂 i’m sure it was a happy celebration..
    hmmm that cake and dumplings makes me hungry. i wonder how that cake looks like inside without the icing on it. curious how they made raspberries/rice crispies filling.

  4. thank you, everyone, for the sweet birthday greetings for Vera. 🙂

    @Cookie, Annamanila: our subic trip was supposed to be this coming weekend, but hub needs to go back to China (again!). I hope there is no typhoon na that will keep him stranded. We postponed the Subic trip to next week.

    Cookie, kitakits!

  5. @ Lynn: the talk-to-the-hand sign works for us, esp when matched with pursed lips and narrowed eyes. hehe

    @Toni: I don’t know how red ribbon made the cake red, but it is a chocolate cake with a touch of red. I hope it’s not food color! the raspberries filling is in between the cake layers – parang palaman.

  6. Happy Birthday Vera, your lovely smile can melt the heart of anyone who will meet you.

    Natawa naman ako sa mga new shoes and groceries, parang ako din yata yun 😀

  7. Hi Chats, belated Happy Birthday to Vera. Am sure you all had fun. I wish her more blessings to come. I like that cake, sarap siguro nyan…Katuwa ka naman re talk to the hand. That’s Pio’s fave line everytime pinapagalitan ko sya, loko noh…Glad to know the kids are doin’ ok. Miss you guys na…

  8. hi chats, i finally posted that tag all about me but i didn’t do the tag thing anymore because it is a bit too late i think,. hope your computer is being fixed or better yet being replaced *wink*

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