Happy Birthday, Flying Dav!

Yesterday was the Flying DaVinci’s birthday. I’m sure she won’t mind my late birthday post, since she knows how hectic life has been these past days.

After the sumptuous lunch (as always) in Dav’s home, the kids went swimming while the grownups went to the spa. dsc00663.JPGDav is a regular at Soneva Spa along Tomas Morato Street, Quezon City. She buys “by the card” – 10+1 one and a half-hour massage sessions with free honey facial for only Php4,900. We had a room for four all to ourselves. The honey facial was sweet; my face felt softer afterwards (plus it provided some glucose when I felt my tummy rumble… Joke!). The massage was wonderful – I could have fallen asleep. Could have, because group trips to the spa, I learned, are not meant for sleeping (especially when you’re going with family). Just as I was nearly dozing off, I heard the muffled buzz of a ringing cellphone. The Dav and hubby were also playing some cellphone game that they just couldn’t figure out. The point of no return (to sleep) came when someone farted and we were all jolted awake disgruntled. Though we were family, nobody still wanted to confess to the crime. All in all, the experience was fun!

Afterwards, we went to nearby Red Crab Restaurant for some serious dinner. We had, among others, Sinigang na Hipon sa Miso (great!), Szechuan Crab (wonderful!) and Fried Crab Claws (a bit overcooked – crab meat was dry).

mona n tom

The flying DaVinci and Hubby


3 sis

My 2nd sis Petcat, moi, and birthday girl DaVinci


Happy Birthday, sis! You’ve come a long long way from the party-going college girl of days past to the wonderful mom and wife that you are now. Thank you for so generously sharing your blessings. Thank you for being a friend to me. I miss our days of scouring Dapitan Street like crazy shopaholics… Until our feet ache so much that we just have to get a foot massage before heading home… hehe.

You know this but let me tell you again: anytime you need me,I’m just here. Hugs and love,


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Flying Dav!

  1. Wow, you have such a hi-tech blog! I could learn a few tricks from you…

    Thank you so much for being such a good sister for my wife, and for putting her and the kidlings up while she’s there. And thank you for the picture of my beautiful Cathy on your blog. I miss her so much! It was good to see her, even if it’s just a picture.

    Your Bro, Ethan

  2. Happy Birthday to Flying DaVinci. What an interesting nickname you have for her. I wonder what it stands for.

    I’m glad that you all a wonderful time celebrating your sister’s birthday. A treat at the spa is a great way for some sisterly bonding.

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog regarding “Friends Gone Astray.”
    Thanks for sharing your own experience. I do hope that the issue can still be resolved soon and the friendship will be back the way it was.

    Take care!

  3. Hi Rach! It was fun creating the pseudonyms for each other in another blog (my cousin’s). We all have fake names because we want to remain anonymous. Flying DaVinci is somewhat connected to her real identity 😉
    As for those friends, one of them still sends me text messages on special occasions, but it really is never the same. I figured my life goes on without them. At first I felt the loss, but now i could say things will go back to how it used to be maybe in a couple of years or so… not now yet.

  4. Hi Ethan! I’m just a newbie myself on WordPress, still have got a lot of tinkering and figuring out to do.
    Your family is doing great. Just now they’re all getting ready for a dip in the village pool. It is uber-sweltering hot here!
    The photos should have included the kidlings if my memory card did not reformat, erasing ALL the photos they took at the pool the other night. 🙁

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