Hand Pulled Noodles at Lan Zhou La Mien

For a foodie family such as mine, Benavidez Street in Downtown Manila is proving to be a haven. The original Masuki (Ma Mon Luk) is located there, as well as Wai Ying and Sushi Yum (affordable Japanese – will blog about it soon). Our newest Benavidez discovery is Lan Zhou La Mien, which serves authentic hand pulled noodles.

lan zhou la mien hand pulled noodles pork ribs
Top – Cha Chiang Mien; Bottom – Pork Ribs Lamien Soup

Lanzhou is a city in Northwestern China that is popular, among other things, for hand-pulled noodles. Hand-pulled noodles have always fascinated me. The pulling and twisting of dough that eventually produces noodles is another Chinese ingenuity. No tools are necessary – just strong arms!

hand pulled noodles lan zhou

What I love is the freshness! The hand pulled noodles created after several twists and pulls go straight to a huge pot for cooking. And, in a few minutes, the noodles will be making their way to your table (and tummy).

Among the best-sellers are the beef lamien soup (though we haven’t tried it because we don’t eat beef), pork ribs soup, and cha chiang mien (dry lamien topped with pork and a somewhat spicy sauce). The kuchay dumplings are also yummy – whether boiled or fried.

fried kuchay dumplings lan zhou hand pulled noodles

Technically speaking, the correct Pinyin spelling is la mian (“mian” read as “mien”) – la means to pull, and mian means noodle. Spelling it as “mien” must be so that it’s easier for locals (Pinoys) to read/pronounce it the right way. (It gets quite tedious correcting other people when they mispronounce your name, right?)

Prices are very affordable – our family lunch usually costs less than Php1,000 (we’re a family of 6, including ateJo). Though airconditioned, don’t expect too much ambience since Lan Zhou La Mien is an eatery. The noodles will make up for whatever the restaurant lacks in ambience. 😉

Lan Zhou La Mien is located on Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila. Telephone number +632 4800732. There are branches on Masangkay and on another spot in Benavidez.

16 thoughts on “Hand Pulled Noodles at Lan Zhou La Mien

  1. Wow! Ang saraaaaap! :D! I want to try that with my family too when we go down to Manila. LOL! Naiisip ko na ngayon na puro kainan ang atupag namin ngayon! Hahahaha!
    Reaction ko lang sa: This is not a paid review. Natawa ako dun. 😛 Why would people think that it is when it’s about a resto review? Anyway lol. Anyone can do whatever they want with their blogs. I mean it’s their blog. Whether they get paid for what they write or not—no biggie for me. 🙂
    Anyhoo, you’ll surely be one of the person I’d ask about food tripping! Foodie din ako, di pa nga lang nakakapag-blog tungkol doon.

  2. Hi Yvie! Yes, enjoy the food trip haha. Ask me lang, or search my blog under the tag “food”.

    Because I do compensated reviews once in a while, I wouldn’t want some to think this is one of them. I just love the place and the noodles. 

  3. Hi Chats,Its so nice to have a chance to go food tripping.  You are lucky, your family enjoys this.  I would love to experience that too.  My hubby is not into asian cuisine so I would most likely do it with my sisters, etc.  Love the look of those dumplings…yummy!btw, my blog address has changed, please update your links.  thanks

  4. Oh wow, we would love to try that. We’ve (me and hubby) planned so so so many times to make a trip to Chinatown but we always get scared of the traffic and parking kasi.

  5. When the Lamien noodle opened its door, iba talaga yung soup nya, pure beef! Sadly, di na pareho yung lasa ng soup but the noodles are still hand pulled. And its dumpling shrinks! Anliit na ngayun.But still, you have to try this La Mien. 

  6. Wow handpulled noodles! Parang scenes sa old Jackie Chan films, you know Drunken Master.
    I’ve not been to Binondo… but I really want to go back (and pig out) hek hek

  7. We ate there after learning about it from other blogs. Update: They’re moving to another location just opposite of the original resto. It’s bigger also. Bakit di ko nakita un noodle maker na naka-pic sa iyo? Ang gumagawa kanina dun chinese na lalake, must be the boss. Anyway, I was quite satisfied though medyo nahuli un order namin na Peking Pork Dumpling. Authentic chinese noodle house!

  8. Went here this afternoon and the noodles are so filling! Sobrang sarap pa! I tried the Tito Noodles and God was it good! The dumplings are a must try too but I prefer the steamed over the fried. All in all, had a good experience eating here!

  9. luv ko talaga plain kampan ang sarap na ilalagyan ng sweet chili sauce tapos order k ng steam dumplings and sarap sobrang binabalikbalikan ko to kc my lan zhou la mien din sa tapat ng metropolitan hospital…yummy maaadik k talaga

  10. I agree! been here so many times and the beef lamien (beef noodles) is the best tasting (mami)i’ve ever tasted! serving is huge, noodles are fresh, beef is tasty…just a heads up…their price increased from P100 to P120 now (June 2011)…dont forget to check-in to foursquare when you get there 😛

  11. ay grabe cravings nmn sa dumplings…kya evry sweldo..ay eat tlga kmi dto…and order din kmi sa ofiz….yummy tlaga….iba eh…amoy plang busog kna….

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