Gym break :(

I’ve been on gym break for almost 2 months now.

The original plan was to freeze my gym membership account and try if just running more regularly will work just as good, or even better. If it works out well, I was planning to terminate my gym membership and save about Php20,000 per year!

Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans fail. Mine wasn’t really laid out well, hehe. And so yes, I kinda set myself up for failure.

In short, I have yet to do a single run this month. Last month, I did two short runs. And that was it. *facepalm*

Anyway… I really hope I can go back to my fitness routine soon. The question “do diet pills work?” is out, because I am not going back to them. The good not-so-bad news, actually is that I gained back just a few pounds in the past 2 months. If I lost weight through diet pills, I’d have regained back all the lost pounds sooner. So that’s one consolation for me…

Uhh yeah right, stop rationalizing yourself. Go out and just do it.

Hayz, please wish me luck.

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