Graduation gift ideas

Who here have kids who are graduating when the school year ends in a few weeks?

My eldest daughter, Patch, is graduating from elementary in March. But she has already gotten her graduation gift from her papa – the iPod Touch 4th generation. She hinted on it in December, but I (as usual, playing the contra-bida role) thought it was too expensive for a Christmas gift. So husband made a deal with daughter: if she speaks Chinese to her siblings more often, he is going to give it to her when she graduates.

I suppose husband was convinced enough, so he got her the gadget already.

It’s nice to ask our kids what they want, and give it to them. But it’s also good to put in some conditions before they get what they want.


For the sporty kid, give sports equipment or apparel. There are plenty of football gift ideas on the net. Check out for personalized gifts for the footballer, basketball player or hockey enthusiast in the family.

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