Going Posh – Posh Pocket Shoes

What’s one thing that most women can’t seem to get enough of? It begins with “S”… But it’s not a three-letter word. hehehe

SHOES! Well, I have a few — very few– friends who can live with just one or two staple pairs. But most of my girl friends go gaga and each probably has an entire shoe cabinet all to herself.

I’m the flip-flop kind of girl, since I really do not have to dress up everyday (because I work from any virtual office). I love the freedom and the get-up-and-go-ness of slipping into flip-flops and sandals.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got sick and confined to the home. So what does a sick girl do when there’s just the bed and the net? Online retail therapy, of course! During that one week of solitary confinement, I managed to buy a few pieces of clothes from the Facebook online store of a former school mate.

And I also found POSH. (Oh, I also managed to resurrect my Le Zerk Restaurant on Cafe World, haha!) The many evils of Facebook!

POSH pocket shoes were made for women who work and walk around in their heels all day. It’s a feet savior – when your feet are aching and blistering all over, just bring out the Poshies (which come with their own tiny pouch that converts to a bag for teh killer heels) for instant relief. POSH is also for women like me, who just like to be comfortable yet chic.

Anyhoo… The Poshies arrived yesterday. And oh, how the girls went crazy over at my FB wall! hahaha.

I love my Poshies – so comfy I think I will wear them everyday. Incidentally, I went to an event yesterday that required only closed shoes to be able to enter the facility. I realized then that I did not have a single pair of comfy non-open toe shoes! My Poshies arrived a few hours too late. Sayang, I would have broken them in.

But yes, today, I’m breaking one pair in. Teehee.

For more designs and to order, go to the website: http://www.poshpocketshoesonline.com/

Disclaimer/Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, everyone. It’s a love post. It’s what I do for brands and stuff I love – share them to everyone!

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