Going Organic with Human Heart Nature

I really did not mean for it to turn this way.

All I wanted was to try out some products and perhaps give away a few to friends for post-Christmas.

But when I went to the Human Heart Nature office (which is just around where I live), the person who entertained me got me to sign up as a distributor! For a few hundred pesos, I went home that day with a stash of trial-size products and a 20-percent-off privilege with each purchase. Plus, the opportunity to earn while enjoying organic beauty products.

Madali lang naman akong kausap so okay, I gave it.

Because my initial experience with the trial packs was good, I went back for more yesterday. Here’s my organic beauty loot (trip 1 plus trip 2 minus stuff I gave away to friends already, hehe) –

100ml Citronella bug spray, 50ml jar of strawberry-scented goat’s milk body butter (new!), 500ml moisturizing shampoo in Mandarin scent, 100ml jar of lemongrass and brown rice body scrub, 200ml mango-mandarin conditioner, 50ml bottles of hand sanitizers in strawb and watermelon scents, a watermelon lip balm for me, tomato & lemongrass facial wash and toner, kids’ aloe vera shampoo in watermelon scent, superfruits and black rice facial scrub, sunflower and papaya day face moisturizer, and royal jelly-aloe vera night face moisturizer.

I got a 500-ml bottle of the moisturizing shampoo (P249.75) for my family because the kids and I just love the smell. Hair also feels so soft after shampooing.

The shampoo’s downside is that the consistency is not thick, like how we are used to, and requires a bit more amount to lather up. But I guess the reason is that it has no chemicals, no “thickeners” as other shampoos may have.

The mango-mandarin conditioner (P99.75) left my hair soft and silky –  not exaggerated –  minus the heavy feeling of the hair when one over-conditions. I have thick, wavy hair and I have a tendency to put on too much conditioner to tame it.

Patch loves how smooth her hair feels after shampooing and conditioning. Before switching to organic hair products, I did not allow Patch to use my (inorganic) hair conditioner because I felt it was too strong for her. One time, she went against my advise and used it anyway. She got dandruffs galore, which must have been a consequence of under-rinsing. And yes, that got me convinced the conditioner was too strong for her.

I used the lemongrass/cocoa butter/brown rice body scrub (P159.75) last night. I like how it made my skin feel so smooth, and smell so fresh. The lemongrass scent is invigorating. Unfortunately, *someone* was too tired (hehehehehehe) so, no – no fireworks last night….

Anyway…. (hehehehehe)

I have yet to try the goat’s milk/cocoa/strawberry body butter (50ml jar at P89.75), but the smell is so sweet and yummy!

Coming up in part 2 is my review of the facial and kids’ products. Please come back for it. meanwhile I gotta go and get my kids from school.

And, oh yeah, if any of the products here interest you, you may order from me. 😛

Spa filters are important in keeping the air in spas clean. But, with an organic stash like this in your own home, who needs to go to the spa? 🙂

20 thoughts on “Going Organic with Human Heart Nature

  1. I love HHN! I do not regret making a switch. I mean, because of switching from organic, that’s when I started doing my research and eventually meet people who are living a healthy life.

    Hurray for Human Heart Nature! I’m using Moringa toner, Sunflower & Papaya Day Moisturizer, Honey & Cocoa Butter Organic Cleanser and Make-up remover, Mango and peppermint strengthening conditioner and last but not the least, Peppermint, Aloe vera and Pearl Strengthening Shampoo. Lol. Nilista ko na ata lahat!

  2. Hi Chats,

    Do you have something for the face that does exfoliation good for preggy lady like me?


  3. Hi Aimz! Yes, there’s a facial scrub that’s completely organic and natural. I’m using it na, along with the facial wash, toner and royal jelly night cream. 🙂

  4. Hi Anahata!

    Another aspect about HHN is its social responsibility. I love that they support our local farmers by encouraging them to produce high-value organic products.
    By buying HHN products, we also support our local farmers. 🙂

  5. Hi imom! Nice stash you got there! 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to switch shampoo na, kse Im using Loreal Elseve, (coz of the anti frizz thingy) kaso after I gave birth, grabe ang hair fall ko…

    I read that organic products are good, kaya I wanna ask you kung personally you can recommend HHN shampoo and conditioner to me? Ok ba yung smell at smooth naman sa hair?


  6. Hi attyalfa!
    There is a pearl powder/aloe vera shampoo and a gugo/calamansi conditioner for hair fall. I have not tried it yet, but they say (at the office) it works. 🙂

  7. Ah yes, I checked their website na. My problem is their office is quite far from where I live.

    I like the idea of distributorship, I like their products kase. Im thinking about it. If ever, I will just get your ID number para you will earn extra from me. Sayang din naman yun if I dont put anyone who referred me. Eh sayo ko lang naman talaga nakita yung products nila. 🙂

  8. I just got my sample products in the mail last weekend. And yeah you’re right ang ganda ng products nila. I signed up as a distributor since wala pa ditong distributor sa Aklan. I tried on the banana shampoo for MIkee and it was awesome. Love the scent! Mom tried on the massage oil too (Lemongrass) and she loved it as well. Hopefully I can convince a lot of my friends to sign up as distributor as well 🙂

  9. Hi, Imom! We don’t have landline at home. I tried texting their cell number to ask for directions to their office but they didn’t reply. Patulong naman po papunta sa office nila coming from Litex. Thanks and God bless!

  10. Hi Sofiajade. If you’re coming from Litex, go along Commonwealth towards the direction of QC Circle, take U-turn beneath the Tandang Sora flyover so now you’re Fairview-bound again. On your right, landmarks you will see that mean you’r near Human Heart office already are: Toyota, Petron, and Caltex station, which is right before the HHN building. I hope this helps. Enjoy your HHN goodies!

  11. Hi Dianne! I forgot already what was in the sign-up package. But it was a lot! I’ll try to recall ha… Let’s see, there was a bugspray, several small bottles of kids’ shampoo and of hand sanitizer, a facial wash, a facial toner, day cream, night cream, 2 tubes of the lipbalm (i think), and one small bottle each of an adult shampoo and conditioner. I might have missed a few items in this list. Sorry, it’s been a while. But you can give them a call. Check out their website for numbers. 🙂

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  13. Hi Celia. You can buy online, just visit the website link I posted above. Or from the many distributors. You can inquire through the website where their distributor-outlets are. Thanks for visiting my site!

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