Get Ready to Run (Part 2 of Running Tips)

There must be hundreds of reasons why we should run. These are a few of mine:

1. Running is so convenient. You can do it anytime you want and anywhere there’s space to run.

2. It is considerably more affordable than other sports. All you really need are basic running shoes that give adequate support and comfortable clothes. No other equipment needed.

3. Anyone can run. Of course, there are proper ways of running, and training should not be taken for granted. However, anyone can easily learn how to run, unlike other sports. Case in point: I have been trying to learn how to swim for the longest time, but… I really just cannot. Boohoo. But running? Though I am a work in progress, at least there is progress to speak of. 😀

4. It’s a great way to lose weight. For beginners, start with a run-walk regimen. Forget fad diets and supplements such as glucomannan weight loss pills.

5. The runner’s high is really something else. After running, I feel great, exhilarated, energized, even refreshed. Does it sound like I am overrating the sport? Well, you got to try it yourself to find out.

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Note: Before embarking on any exercise program or sport, make sure you get clearance from your physician.

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