Gaia Cafe and Crafts in Sagada

This post is uber delayed, I know! I was going through my Sagada trip album recently and remembered how beautiful that place is. The views are breathtaking and, for the food lover, there are so many good eats. Gaia Cafe and Crafts is one of our best finds.

Gaia Cafe Sagada panoramic view of Sagada mountains

Right after our morning of cave exploration, my sis, niece and I decided to go for healthy food at Gaia Cafe and Crafts, as recommended by a co-parent in my kids’ school.

Gaia Cafe was recently named as one of the most picturesque cafes in the country, with amazing views of terrace farms below and pine trees all around. It was a refreshing sight, especially after that strenuous Sumaguing and Lumiang Cave exploration! (I don’t think I will ever do that again.)

A bit of showbiz trivia: the movie That Thing Called Tadhana shot some scenes at Gaia. 😛

Gaia Cafe Sagada lunch

The tables are are al fresco on the balcony to make sure you take in all the views while eating.

Gaia Cafe Sagada al fresco dining

Gaia Sagada manifesto

The Gaia Manifesto

Gaia is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant that promotes healthy organic and natural eating. The cafe mostly uses locally sourced ingredients, and sticks to the most unprocessed, whole, and natural state of foods as possible. No MSG here, yehey!

Gaia Cafe Sagada vegetarian burger

My sis had the Gaia Sandwich (Php 120.00) -homemade patties, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce with homemade ketchup and vegan mayo in a wholegrain bun, with sweet potato chips on the side.

Gaia Cafe Sagada sweet potato fries

We shared the camote fries sprinkled with muscovado sugar (Php 100.00).

Gaia Cafe Sagada miki ni mina squash noodles

My niece had Miki ni Mina (Php 120.00) – sauted local squash noodles with veggies and shiitake mushrooms.

Gaia Cafe Sagada basil nut pesto fresh garden salad

I had the Pesto Pasta (Php 130), with sauce made from pureed basil leaves and nuts in olive oil. Loved. It. It’s so creamy, it’s unbelievable there isn’t any dairy in it! The salad mix (Php 80.00) on the right – tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, sayote, beets, and lettuce – is so fresh. I also loved the vegan mayo dip.

Gaia Cafe Sagada rice terraces view

Gaia Cafe Sagada contact information

Great healthy food with a relaxing view – make sure to stop by Gaia Cafe & Crafts on your next Sagada trip. (Gaia also has a crafts and souvenir shop.)

Gaia Cafe is located at Ambasing, Sagada, Philippines. Like their Facebook page. Call for questions at +63949 137 6777 (Smart) or +63915 757 6831 (Globe).

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