Fun, fun, fun at Sandalias Festival 2010

Okay, this blogger was on a roll last weekend, attending two events two days in a row. (That’s kinda rare for me, because drayber duties come first, wifey duties second [second lang oh, haha!], and freelance jobs third; there’s often little time and energy left for events.)

Anyhoo… Last Saturday, I went to the cooking demo where I got the squash pasta recipe.

The following day, Sunday, I trooped down to Trinoma with my two girls for a grand event – the Sandalias Festival 2010.

We were greeted by a very festive and energetic mood,  as guests were treated to nail art, glitter tattoos,  foot massages, and the fun photobooth. Very apt for the theme “Step Into Some Love.”

Patch was in high spirits too, she went and climbed the Rider Wall –

Steps Dance Project did a spectacular dance number showcasing different designs of Ipanema, Ipanema GB, Grendha, and Rider. It was amazing how the footwear, despite being tsinelas, were comfy and flexible enough to be worn with the complicated dance steps the group did! I felt like it was a dance-number-slash-fashion-show.

Clockwise: the Giant Pinata; Steps Dance Project's awesome moves; the mommy bloggers with Mr. Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of ELRO (exclusive distributor of the Brazilian footwear brands); Hosts of the program.

But the highlight of the Sandalias Festival was this: one giant flip flop pinata that held lots of awesome surprises!  Guests gathered under the pinata like giddy little kids as ELRO’s top execs posed to pull the pinata strings. Who wouldn’t be giddy if the prizes were as awesome as a trip for two to Boracay?!

The crowd went wild as the pinata burst open. I was afraid I’d need safety gloves just in case somebody stepped on my hands as we were all in a frenzy trying to grab as many coupons as we can.

Unfortunately, someone else beat me to the grand prize. But fortunately, I was still able to grab some awesome prizes!

ELRO, the exclusive distributor of Brazilian footwear brands Ipanema, Ipanema Gisele Bundchen, Rider, and Grendha, has been holding the Sandalias Festival since 2008. Every year it gets better and bigger. Can’t wait for next year’s festival!

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