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It’s Friday once again! I love Fridays, as you all must, because they mark the beginning of much-awaited weekends. And my favorite all-day radio program is on – Friday Madness over Magic 89.9 FM. It’s nonstop 70s, 80s and 90s music! I so love 80s and 90s music, the kind that I grew up with. Never mind if traffic is always horrible in Manila on Fridays. As long as I’m listening to Friday Madness, I’m in a good mood. In fact, I’m listening to it now through their website. (Now playing Raspberry Beret by Prince Angel by Fra Lippo Lippi Harvest for The World by the Isley Brothers) I loooove Fridays!


I was tagged weeks ago by ScroochChronicles and GreyMom to tell the story of Us – how iMom met the Technohub. Since hub is away for a few days, I’m quite on senti mode, which is conducive for reminiscing!

I met hub during internship on my final year in college. He was on physical rehabilitation post-knee surgery. It was rather the opposite of love at first sight. His jolly albeit boisterous way of socializing with other patients quite irritated me. At that time, he looked young for his age. Too young that I thought he was only 18 16! “This boy is so papansin!

Apparently, he’s been eying me. Opportunity came when he chanced upon me waiting for the bus. He asked where I was going, I told him, and he said he lived within the area so he offered me a ride. Had he looked suspicious and dangerous, I would not have gotten into a car with an almost-total stranger. He looked harmless enough though, so I accepted the offer. After that, he’d often find excuses to linger longer to wait for me and bring me home. Of course I later learned that his home was not exactly near the home where I was staying, which was actually 8 kilometers farther than his home!

One thing led to another, and soon we were dating. When time came for me to go back to my city, I thought it was also the end of this sweet whirlwind of a romance. I was ready to give it up, telling myself that he’d pursue me if he was really serious.

Dead-serious he was, visiting me in Baguio every week. Sometimes, he would pop up and surprise me in the middle of the week. That’s aside from his regular weekend visits. He plied the MNL-BGO-MNL route so often that he already memorized which parts of the highway was bumpy or smooth, or which sharp curves of Kennon Road he should watch out for. His fastest driving record was 3 hours from Manila to Baguio on an early morning. He became so precise at timing his trips so that when he’s near my home he’d call to tell me “I’ll be there in 12 minutes.” And 12 minutes later, he was! He could have applied to be a bus driver at Victory Liner and passed it with flying colors! (LOL) Of course I felt so special with all the effort he was putting into seeing me! (Sobrang haba ng hair ko noon! Ngayon, medium length nalang 🙁 hehe)

As I blog these, I’m considering to change the title to “What Was HE Thinking???” 😀

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  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely story. I admire your husband for being determined. Imagine going back and forth to Baguio just to be with you. It’s amazing how love makes sacrifices worth it.

  2. So that was the beginning. Nice to know how the partnership that produce a Patchy, aVgood and a Magnate began. Well, I am not surprised he was smitten. I was too .. in a fashion. 🙂

  3. Very sweet naman. Ohhh, its so nice to reminisce too. Galing naman nya to drive all the way to Baguio via Kennon pa. Hay, reminds me of sweetie as well.

  4. MNL-BGO in 3 hours. That’s beats my uncle who used to be a race car driver who did it for 3.5 hours. Aww! ang sweet naman 😉

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