For the love of coffee

I just recently came from Baguio for a short less-than-3-days summer’s-end hurrah. (More on that in a later post.)

My mom (who is always ever into network marketing!) gave me a box of instant coffee that’s supposed to be healthy. It contains the ganoderma mushroom, which has a wide array of benefits, as mom said to convince me. Dubbed as the Miraculous King of Herbs by ancient Chinese medicine, the benefits of ganoderma mushroom vary from longevity to skin whitening. (There is even a gano-toothpaste. I got one tube. hehe)

I don’t really fall easily for all that talk. But hey, the coffee does give me the kick-start I need every morning. And it tastes good too (a bit more bitter than regular instant coffee). So, until I get one of those espresso machines, I will probably be buying my coffee from mom. 😛

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