Flowers for Mother’s Day | gift ideas

During my years of med-repping, I always gave my female doctors a no-fail gift on their birthdays. Nope, not cakes or chocolates – those are commonplace.

What delighted female doctors most, I learned from James (my predecessor), was a surprise delivery of beautiful flowers to their clinics.

flowers for mother's day proflowers

I had this suki flower shop at the back of Makati Med that did flower arrangements on vases so beautifully. All I had to do was go there to order first thing in the morning, and they will deliver to my delighted doctor. For me, being a woman myself, simply choosing the flowers and arrangement was such a pleasant task already. Finding myself surrounded by blooms at a flower shop wasn’t bad for an early morning call.

And when I go to make my call on the doctor, she will gush over how lovely the flowers are…

Tapos oorder na siya ng vaccines. Success! 😛

What I’m trying to say is this: kids, husbands – women are suckers for flowers (at least most of us are). Flowers have a special way of tugging at our hearts. And a surprise delivery of flowers for Mother’s Day will make us feel very special.

Bilib you me.

Husbands, kids – are you reading this? Go ahead, order some flowers and surprise your mom or wife on Mother’s Day.

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