Feeling beautiful during pregnancy

Pregnancy, for some women, is an exhilarating time. I’ve read that some women feel they are most beautiful and healthy during pregnancy. And then there’s that beautiful, pregnant “glow” on the face. Many pregnant women, however, do not see or feel this glow. Maybe that’s because of the discomfort brought about by physical and hormonal changes that her body is going through. Or maybe it’s because of challenges that may come with pregnancy, complications such asĀ gestational diabetes.

In the case of my second pregnancy, it was pre-eclampsia that made my pregnant life more challenging. I was big, and my feet and nose probably accounted for 50% of my body weight. I had to be on bed rest from the 8th month up to the time I gave birth, because my BP reached as high as 180/120.

Anyway, one of the ways to ensure a pregnant woman stays healthy and blooming throughout all nine months is by taking prenatal vitamins. Although good diet, one that’s balanced with all the nutrients, is ideal, it’s sometimes impossible. So supplements come into play. Sites like www.prenatalvitamins.org provide information on the importance of taking prenatal vitamins.

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