Family Reunion 2007

Finally, after seven long years the family was once again complete together – complete as in all grandkids and sons-in-law (of course we missed Ethan) were present. Some unfortunate events involving my sister PetCat’s eldest daughter led her to come home to the Philippines hurriedly.

And so we took advantage of this rare chance for the family to be together last weekend. The Honky folks caught a flight to Manila. The Baguio folks got on a Victory bus to Cubao. The Manila folks, well, errr, cleaned up their homes for the big event! There was no grand planning. In fact, it was more spur-of-the-moment you-buy-this-I-bring-that-let’s not-cook-anymore talk. You bet it was a day full of fun, food and laughter. The kids played to their hearts’ content; the men played cards and drank beer; the women ate, took gazillions of photos, gossiped, and ate some more!

I love love love Photobucket’s free Adobe Remix feature. But I do not know for how long it will be for free so I used the feature again to create slides of the reunion.

(If you’re unable to view the slides on this page, click here.)

13 thoughts on “Family Reunion 2007

  1. Hi Ethan! yes, i hope the next reunion will include you! 🙂 today is the Pet Cat’s birthday, we still don’t have plans yet.

  2. Family reunions are always a delight, even though it was something unpleasant that drove one of you to come home.I still have to read the link. I have very limited blog hopping time because my dsl at home has acted up and pldt hasnt really fixed it.

    My in laws — a whole mob of them — will be home in two weeks and as luck would have it my maid has gone on her annual home leave. But I, we will cope. Hindi naman sila fussy. they understand.

    Will read the link as soon as …

  3. Hehehehe.. I thought you wouldn’t run out of “… and eats…” hehehe

    I truly agree with you there! Lots and lots of food is the key to a successful family reunion. That and a videoke, cards, beer, and a camera! hehehe I just love spontaneous gatherings… and you all looke like you’re having a blast.

    Five sisters? That MUST be fun! 🙂

  4. I followed the link and I’m sorry to hear about your niece J. I hope that she is doing much better now and that unfortunate incident will not have any permanent emotional scar. I’m glad that your sister C and her children are now safe with you.

    Thanks for sharing your family pics. I’m getting hungry just looking at that table overflowing with food. It’s nice to see evryone having a wonderful time. I’ve got to try that Photobucket’s free Adobe Remix feature one of these days.

  5. Hi Annamanila!
    I missed your birthday, so happy birthday! 🙂
    Dang when internet connections go crazy di ba? Good luck with entertaining the mob 😀 It’s going to be hard without the maid, but yeah, you can do it!
    My niece is okay now. I hope she recovers fully and her hurts heal with time and care from my sister.

  6. Hi Alternati!
    Oo nga e, it was hard to run out of eats that day… to the detriment of my waist!
    It was indeed fun, albeit chaotic with all 15 kids, okay 13 (minus 2 infants), running around. 6 kids=lots of grandkids for lolo and lola LOL!

  7. Hi Rach! My niece is recovering. I hope in time the hurts and wounds will heal. I pray not only for her but the whole family… At least now things are looking better for them.
    Oh, you’ve got to try the Remix. The audio clips are there-just drag and drop into your slides and voila! You’ll have so much fun creating Yohanisms I bet! ;D

  8. Hey, this post skipped me, don’t really know why… wow that looks like a lot of food (but for the whole clan, is just enough i guess) and a lot of fun ..very nice slide show.. homesick tuloy me 🙁

  9. Hi Toni! Di bale your Pinoy Pack is on the way na, hehe. Sana kahit papano mabawasan pagka homesick mo… I guess you know how to reach Rav?

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