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Pinoy Moms Network launches Fam Pics today. Every first Monday of the month PMN members who want to participate post family-/home-related photos based on the month’s theme.

I love participating in photo hunts, because: 1) it’s fun to dig into archives (whether digital or yellowing hard copies!); 2) it’s twice as fun to hop from one participant’s blog to another!

The theme for August is glossy.


This is Patchy, my soon-to-be-10 daughter, blowing bubbles on a clear sunny day in Subic. We went there in June for a family weekend getaway. The kids enjoyed riding horses at El Kabayo Riding Stables, where this photo was taken. I love how the glossy bubbles were captured floating in the air as she blew them.

[Update] During our time, Patch, we did not have those bottled bubbles. Neither did we have a bubble machine, VGood!We had to make do with pounded gumamela petals mixed with water and a bit of detergent. Sometimes an older sister or cousin would get a wire and make us a blowing ring, which was a real treat for us! Otherwise, we contented ourselves with looping a strand of walis ting-ting. Back then, fun was simple and free.


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    26 thoughts on “Fam Pics :: Glossy

    1. Uy! El Kabayo, buti pa kayo nakarating na dyan samantalang ako taga Subic never pa nakatuntong dyan hehehe!

      I’ve always loved to do that when I was a kid, yung tinadtad na gumamela pa panghalo saka kinupit na panglabang powder hehe!

      Mitch, kami din when we were kids… We used a big stone to pound the gumamela petals. tapos yup, nakaw na Tide ni mader. tapos yung ring made from walis-tingting. haha. Those were fun times!

    2. In a few, Patchy would be a teenager and wouldn’t play with bubbles anymore .. baubles pa siguro. Cute nya!! I can’t see your other pics.

    3. Patchy is really charming. I like this photo. It’s nice how she blows bubbles in the wind.

      Thanks for visiting my Fam Pic. We are truly blessed to have handsome boys. 🙂

    4. Hi Chats!! You have a very beautiful daughter. Sarap naman ng pag-blow niya ng bubbles.

      Uy, ganun din kami dati. Gumamela and tide. Kaya lang ang ginagamit namin na pang-blow, stem ng papaya.

      Chats, are we on?

    5. and I concur with everyone. Patchy is so pretty. naku, malapit na sa “tween” years so more emotional support is needed.

      glossy glossy bubbles floating in the air, on the grounds of Subic. you must have enjoyed your vacation there. 🙂

    6. Ha!ha! I was saying the same kwento to my hubs and daughter how we used to make our own bubbles then. Ngayon, everything comes in a plastic bottle.

      Nice photo though. Patchy is so pretty.

    7. one of the things i want to do is ride a horse.. but i’m too scared to do so..LOL. i do love blowing bubbles though. your daughter is sooo pretty.

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