Fab Holiday Finds – White


I kinda had a hard time looking for something white. So my post isn’t really pure white. But it’s till quite fabulous.

Some time in October, I found myself wandering through the stalls at the Big Tent Bazaar. (As if I was zapped into the place by aliens, no? 😀 LOL) It was this shopping expedition, albeit a solo flight, that launched my holiday shopping this year.

I found lots of good-priced sale items there, including clothes, silk ties, fashion jewelry and the fabo clutch bag below. It’s a 12-inch zebra-print clutch with blue patent accents. The inside is lined with hot pink canvas. I got this for under P200.00 (of course, haggling skills came to the rescue). *insert banana-rock emoticon here*

What’s more fabulous is that the clutch is proudly Filipino-made by a Marikina-based company.

The Big Tent Bazaar is at Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio, Quezon City, and runs all weekends of December. Check out the schedule here.

Now, I’m crossing my fingers that my tita, to whom this clutch goes this Christmas, won’t read my blog. 😛

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10 thoughts on “Fab Holiday Finds – White

  1. Ay! Nung makita ko entry mo saka ko naalala may nabili akong Hello Kitty pala na white, clutch din pero talo ka dun kasi I got “those” 3 for 100 hahaha!

  2. Ayun, nakahanap na ako ng pwedeng gift for my Tita’s birthday and retirement party (she’s 65) on Saturday. 😀 Nice one Chats.

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