Fab Holiday Find – Silver


The theme for this week is SILVER.

Bazaars that sprout during the Christmas season are just wonderful treasure troves. I found this silver-plated fasyon ring at the Big Tent Bazaar, same day as when I found the fabo zebra-clutch for tita.

I bought 2 other rings (different designs) so I got a 20% discount on all three. 😀 I like how unique this piece is, although I don’t think it will look very nice on my stubby hands. I think this will perfectly fit sister # 3!

Oh, that surface where the ring is standing on? It’s my silver-chassis laptop. Hub helped me buy it – I paid 1/3 of its price with my blogging income. The rest is hub’s Christmas gift for me. Isn’t that kewl??? Hub bought it from a friend/gadget-shop owner, so we got about 10% discount. *insert banana_rock icon here*

spring plungers are silver things, but do not exactly make fab finds.

6 thoughts on “Fab Holiday Find – Silver

  1. what lovely bargains you got there chats. 🙂

    oooh and i love fasyon rings!!! apir! 🙂 i a couple of fasyon rings, the big ones haha.

  2. Nice silver things 😀

    Ok lang not to have the ring but the one where its standing on,well,if that’s not fab,then I don’t know what is! 😀

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