Fab Holiday Find – Gold Havaianas flipflops

I found my gold – a pair of gold Havaianas flipflops –  find at the ABS-CBN Havaianas Sale held there in late October. Everything, even new designs, was on 40% off. So imagine the joy the sale brought to Hava-gogos!

Gold Havaianas flipflops high heels

I got this pair of gold Havaianas flipflops for only Php770 or about USD16.70!

These high heel flipflops usually go for P1300 plus! So loving this. I also got several pairs for my kids, nephews and neices.

The pop up shop was so packed, they had to let people in by batches. The entrance lines got so long, but nobody seemed to mind. The blaring “40% off” sign did wonders in extending people’s patience.

At the cashier, though, a catfight almost broke out as Tentay – yes, Tentay, the regifter –  insisted that she go ahead of the lady in front of her just because the lady seemed to have shopped for her whole clan! Tentay, being her sometimes-obnoxious self, was arguing with the lady that she was going to be late, yada yada yada… The lady’s pile of slippers will take all morning to pay, yada yada yada… The lady of course was outraged in a who-the-hell-do-you-think-you-are kind of way. Tentay was looking at me to rally behind her, but, no chance. I was in too good a mood. 😛 Besides, it was entertaining to watch them. I’m pretty sure everyone in the line thought so too.

Anyway, I did not mean to share that story here… But I just suddenly remembered it while writing this post. hehehe.

13 thoughts on “Fab Holiday Find – Gold Havaianas flipflops

  1. HAHAHA! Cat fight over slippers 🙂 If I had the patience to line up, Havaianas would make a nice gift nga. I’ll buy for my whole clan too. P770 lang per pair!!!

  2. After I read your post, I thought about the scenarios and what-ifs if I was the lady ahead of Tentay. (1) if I was in a good mood and not in a hurry, I would have probably given in to her especially if she’s only going to pay for 1 pair. I actually do this sometimes especially if I’m not that much in a hurry. And (2) if it happened that I was in a bad mood, in a hurry, waited in line for so long before I got to my spot and she threw me that kind of an attitude, she would really hear some lashing from me.

    As for your fab find, I only own 1 pair of Havaianas given by my father last September and my younger siblings had to convince me on that purchase. I can say that it was really a good buy considering the cost of this expensive pair. However, I still can’t see the logic of this costly pair of footwear. In time, maybe I’ll be able to understand and appreciate it. Hehehe!

  3. Hi MommyBa! I also do that in cashier lines, esp i I have a big load and the one behind me has just a piece or 2 and asks politely

    As for Havaianas, I only have 2 pairs. My first pair is turning 3 year old this Christmas 🙂 So yes, I think sulit ang expense kasi sobrang tibay. On the other hand, I think 1 or 2 pairs are reasonable. I also could not comprehend why others have A LOT! But i guess to each his own…

  4. Hahaha, so that was the funny story.

    Anyway Chats, I hope you’re enjoying your stay there in Baguio. Your daughter is in my Plurk and we plurked for a while. Now my daughter wants her own plurk account. 😀

  5. curious lang talaga ako sa tsinelas na yan ha, what’s so special about it ba? masaya na kami ni The V sa islander namin 😉 buhay pa rin siya after years and years ..dami na niya narating

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