Elusive Aling Lucing

Right before Christmas, my family decided to go to Clark for an overnight stay at Fontana Leisure Park. My friend, who is a member there, offered to book me a discounted stay in a 2-bedroom villa. The rate was tempting enough so we jumped at the chance.

On top of my to-do list for the trip was to eat sisig at Aling Lucing’s. Sisig is a Kapampangan dish, said to originate in the areas outside Clark Airbase when the Americans were still there. And Aling Lucing is touted as the “Original Sisig Queen”. I just gotta try her sisig!

Day 1. We arrived in Angeles City and decided to check in at Fontana right after “buying” stuff we need (a.k.a. duty-free shopping, hehe). The kids (big and small alike) were excited to try out the water park at Fontana so… Okay, my plan to lunch at Aling Lucing’s was postponed to dinner.

Dinner time, yes we headed out of Clark! I told hubby we should look for Aling Lucing’s. But we asked the wrong person for directions (the guard at the Clark gate told us to take a right and we’d find a lot of places to eat there) so we ended up getting lost in the red light district. LOL

To cut the story short, we had Jollibee for dinner. Bummer. Hubs promised we’d look for Aling Lucing the next day.

Day 2. We went to Clark Expo, where Nayong Pilipino is now (while waiting for the real one do be finished daw). We decided to leave Clark Expo early so we can resume our hunt for Aling Lucing by the riles. After several stops to ask, and a few wrong turns, we finally found the riles!

Alas, it was the day before Christmas, and Aling Lucing must have decided to take a break. 🙁

I shall return!


Sisig is such a fatty dish, one might need a fat burner supplement after bingeing on it. 😛

8 thoughts on “Elusive Aling Lucing

  1. Awww… I think I have been here na, decades ago pa, hehehe 😀

    There is a stall in Greenhills btw (not sure kung kapangalan lang) named like that.

  2. Julie – meron din nga daw branches sa Makati. Pero syempre nothing beats the original. Isali natin si Aling Lucing sa ating itinerary if we ever get to do that Angeles/Clark trip ha? :))

  3. yum sisig 🙂 well all the best to you and will be waiting for that day and post when you finally get your sisig.. i really wonder what’s so special in her sisig..

  4. hi imom! i am an avid reader of your blogs coz i’m a 1st tym mom who’s looking for tips and lessons everywhere. 🙂

    i am kapampangan and word in pampanga is, aling lucing sisig’s is really good. have tried their branch here in pasong tamo makati and i find it ok, may pagka-fastfood nga lang ang dating nila. maybe its different sa original branch. like razon’s for example.

    and its a sad news din that aling lucing herself died (i think about 2 years ago). she was attacked in her own home. sad. 🙁 pero its good that her legacy continues with her sisig recipe.

  5. Hi attyalfa! Thanks for reading my blog, I am honored. 🙂

    Oh, I did not know Aling Lucing has passed away. I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe I should edit my post (the last sentence) as it may sound disrespectful to some. Thanks for letting us know.

    I really should go back and try the sisig there.

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