Eat to lose weight

So, as expected, it seems like I seriously need to lose a few (read: five to ten) pounds.

To get myself started on this great, big task, I began not eating rice during dinner – no rice after 6! But I know I have to be doing more than that if I want to shed the fat. I know, though that even the best diet pills on the market are out of the question. No, thanks.

Do you know that there are foods to eat to help you lose weight? According to an article on Women’s Health, these foods make us feel full longer, keep the blood sugar levels low longer, help burn fat faster and even reduce blood triglycerides (the bad fats). What are these foods?

  • berries
  • low-fat yogurt
  • peanuts
  • turkey
  • breakfast cereals
  • enova oil

Of course, a healthy diet must consist of more than just the ones mentioned above. I learned a while back (when I began losing weight 3 years ago) that it really isn’t rocket-science. All we need to eat healthily is common sense – choose a lean cut of meat over a fatty one, brown over white rice, fruits over junk, baked over fried…

And then, choose to just do it! (The most difficult part).


2 thoughts on “Eat to lose weight

  1. hi ading chats – i am sighing with you on that one *sigh* my only goal now is not to gain weight anymore then i could start losing weight! haha.. i did well during the Christmas break but now that school is back … can’t help to just munch away!

    wishing you a happy new year and all the best with the diet plan..

  2. Hi Manang,

    Haaay. *big sigh pa rin*  But hey – yes, tama ka. It’s good enough if we stopped gaining weight. hahaha! Cheers to us this New Year. May be be fitter and healthier by Christmas. LOL

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