Easter Break

My family leaves for our Baguio Easter break in an hour. I just finished packing our bags. After so many years of doing this at least twice a year, I’ve gotten the hang of it. AteJo and I breezed through packing everything in two hours. 😀

Along with my laptop and gadgets, I packed this book, lent by good friend Annamanila

I will find time to read “Conversations with God”  (Neale Donald Walsch) in between family bonding and visiting with friends. I actually leave with a heavy heart. Don’t we all go through such phases in life? So this is okay; I should be fine. I’m sure the book will help me get back on track.

At least I go on Easter break in an introspective mood.

See you all soon. May we all find time to look inwardly. Have a blessed Easter break!



Baguio has too many steel buildings and concretized parks. I think the city is much much more beautiful untouched and left alone.

3 thoughts on “Easter Break

  1. You know, Chats, you’re a very jolly person. You’re naturally friendly and a very warm person. You are all these even during the few times that you say you’re a bit down.  You’re one of my fave persons.  Sometimes there’s a glitch along the way.  This too shall pass.  I wish you well. Hugs to you! 🙂

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