Earth Hour 2011: go beyond the hour!

Mark your calendars, friends. This year, Earth Hour will be on March 26th.

At 8:30 PM on that day, millions of Earth citizens will switch off lights for an hour. But this year, Earth Hour calls on everyone to go beyond 60 minutes.

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Two years ago in 2009, I shared my first Earth Hour with my family. We flung the windows wide open, and told stories in the dark.

This year’s Earth Hour asks all of us to go further, beyond the hour. It’s a challenge for all Earth Hour-ers to do more for the Earth.

That’s always been my thought: if millions all over the world can sacrifice one hour without the comfort and convenience of electricity, I’m sure most of those millions would be willing to do more.

What will you do on this year’s Earth Hour?

More importantly, what are you going to do after that?

A lot of products are going green, including foodstuff, packaging, contemporary furniture, cosmetics and household cleaners. Be an informed consumer – read labels so you can choose green and earth-friendly products.

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