Earth Hour 2011: Bonding over shadows

My family thought of spending Earth Hour walking our goldie, Parker, around the neighborhood. But after two rounds, we figured an hour of walking with a hyperactive dog might be too much.

So we decided to play with our shadows at the garage instead. Thankfully, it was a cool and breezy evening, making it a whole lot easier to be without electricity for an hour. It was fun bonding with the kids and Parker over shadows. 😀


During our walk around the neighborhood, I was saddened over the low awareness of my neighbors. Very few actually switched off their lights. There was even a basketball game going on at the village court – with floodlights, score boards and all! Fail. I did see a small “Earth Hour 60” poster by the village gate, but I guess not a lot wanted to take part.

On the afternoon of Earth Hour Day, March 26th, some parts of Metro Manila had no power!

The power outage lasted from a few minutes to as long as 2 hours. My area was unlucky to get the two-hour brunt. Meralco said in Twitter that it was “experiencing a lack in power supply and we have implemented an Automatic Load Dropping (ALD) schedule” which meant, yeah, the sudden brownouts. Is this going to be a regular thing? I hope Meralco will let its consumers know sooner so we can prepare. I remember those dark days in the late 80s to early 90s, when the norm for households was to own power generators.

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