Dream Pet

My kids (and hub) have a dream pet…

Though my kids have been asking for a pet dog, I know it is really not their “dream” pet. Fish? Definitely not, because it seems like the excitement over the aquarium has faded. The aquarium was hub’s idea, but guess who ended up taking care of it?? (So yeah, fish seem like low-maintenance pets. But not when they live in a 50-gallon tank.)

I know this one ‘pet’ that will stir excitement in them (the hub included) to no end…

I shot this horse at Camp John Hay’s riding trail last summer. I really pity the horses during peak season because they don’t seem to get the proper rest they need as riders come in waves.

Riding horses, though, is one thing my kids must do with every Baguio trip. They clamor for it. They even know their favorite horses’ (and pony-boys’) names.

My hub also enjoys riding, though he has never been to the more challenging mountain trails. (Hmmm, we might just do that on out next vacation. Without the kids, of course. Or maybe Patch would love the adventure…)

I know, I know. Horses are expensive… And horse supplies and maintenance are just as costly. But I really hope all the hard work hub and I (Oi, I do help!) are pouring into the family business will be able to afford us a small patch of land in in Baguio… With a horse or two (or three!) romping about in the yard. 😀

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