Double dose of funny quips

In this blog, there’s a category I dedicated to V called “V Quips”. It’s all about her witty and funny remarks.

Well, she doesn’t stand alone now in the funnies category. Nate’s vocabulary and speech talents have grown in the recent months by leaps and bounds.

Here’s a couple of the duo’s recent riot lines.


V, memorizing a Bible verse for Christian Education test. She quotes a verse in Isaiah, with feelings and actions: “All the grasses may wither and the flowers may fall, but your word shall remain forever.” (imagine her dramatic way of talking and acting.)

She pauses, with an discontented look. “Hmmmm, you know, Mom, it should be: All the grasses may wither and the flowers may fall, but your word shall remain for all. That sounds better, right? It should rhyme…”


(I posted this on my Facebook profile, but I wanted to share it here.)

I hear Nate getting back from his afternoon walk with the neighborhood kids. He races up the stairs and into our bedroom where I was napping. With twinkling eyes and that adorable smile (this little boy will break a lot of hearts), he gives me two gumamela flowers:

Nate to me: “For you! Put it on your ears… I know you love pink… Don’t let it die!”

And the punchline, with a half-wink (he still can’t do a full wink): “Papa never give(s) you flowers…”

All together now: *aawwwwww*

Enter, Miss V to burst the bubble… “You know,  sioti (little brother), Mom’s favorite color is blue. She hates pink.”


On the punchline… Yes, boys, even if your girlfriends or wives don’t ask for flowers openly, they will love getting them from you. As for me, yes, I would love to get flowers from Hub more often. But he is not the flower-giving type – I’ve come to terms with that. He more than makes up for that, anyway, being a good provider and an occasional gift-lavisher… He is sweet in his own ways. 😛

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