Dimsum baskets – layers of goodness

These aren’t wood and steel buildings. They are dimsum baskets, with everything lovely and luscious steaming inside!

dimsum baskets

dimsum baskets ying ying tea house Binondo
Yes, those are layers upon layers of dimsum heating up on that steamer stove. I shot this at Ying Ying Tea House one Sunday morning.

Ying Ying is one of our favorite dimsum and Chinese food places. We love the siomai and xiao long bao. During Sundays, the place gets pretty crowded, so we try to get there before the lunch crowd does.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is probably another Ying Ying lunch-day for my family.  Dimsum baskets galore day!

7 thoughts on “Dimsum baskets – layers of goodness

  1. No, today wasn’t anothe Ying  Ying lunch. But it was another Chinese eatery lunch hahaha. Porkchops from Tasty Dumplings are luuuuv!

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