Ensogo Vouchers for Diamond Peel at YSA Skin Care

A few days ago, I went to my first-evarr diamond peel session at YSA using the Ensogo vouchers that I bought.

Yes, I try to keep a level of vanity when it comes to my skin. I also try to keep abreast of anti aging skin products. But I stick to the basics and the DIYs too.

A few weeks ago, however, Ensogo offered a deal that was hard to resist: diamond peel sessions at 80% discount! So I bought myself some Ensogo vouchers.

Diamond peel treatments are supposed to rejuvenate the skin and work on blemishes like fine lines, sun spots and freckles. I started getting some of those already. So I figure it’s time to get working on ’em before they get too many. 😛

The attendant at the YSA branch I went to was very, very meticulous – karir kung karir sa pricking during the facial treatment stage. I feel I really got a good deal. It’s been several days since, and I think, ahem, my skin does feel smoother. (Or it could be that I’m imagining things, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, y’know. hehe)

On a side note, Ensogo deals are awesome. I’ve gotten a lot of savings on restaurant, spa and beauty vouchers already. So watch out for the next deals – log on to the website and register na.

Disclosure: This is not an advertorial for either YSA or Ensogo. But I do get some cash credits if you sign up with Ensogo through my referral code. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ensogo Vouchers for Diamond Peel at YSA Skin Care

  1. hi… just would like to ask which YSA branch did you go to po? I’ve been reading a lot of negativity re YSA due to their ensogo promo. Thanks in advance po.

  2. Hi Samantha.

    I used 3 of my Ensogo vouchers at YSA Miranila, QC Branch. Okay naman – none of the complaints I read about The Fort and Tutuban branches. There’s schedule nga lang for Ensogo voucher holders – Mon to Thurs 10AM to 2PM lang. But with regard to service, okay naman. Facial + diamond peel lasts about an hour or so. My friend naman went to the Mindanao branch – okay din daw doon. May whitening mask pa nga daw – wala niyan sa Miranila.  I hope this helps.


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