Debt-Free Holiday Shopping

The Christmas holidays are inevitably here. I can feel it in the air –  hear it all around (kaching-kaching!)… read about it all over (screaming sale signs everywhere).

Unfortunately, many get too caught up in the moment and become swipe-happy. Regrets set in about a month later when the credit card bills arrive. For many, shopping with cash could be a better option.

With eBillme, you can now enjoy safe and debt-free online holiday shopping. When you register at eBillme, you can shop at various merchants, check-out and pay online through your selected bank’s website. It’s that simple. eBillme also has a comprehensive buyer protection program, so you feel safe shopping with it.

To make your holiday shopping even more fun, eBillme is holding a contest for all shopaholics – “Shop and Confess“. All you have to do is document your shopping sprees either through text, photos or a video. Monthly video winners win USD1,000, text winners USD500. The grand prize winner gets a whopping USD15,000! All you have to do is shop!

To join this awesome contest, click here.

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