Dear Mr. Art Teacher

Last night, I caught iPatch sniffing while working on her Art project. She started working on it as soon as she finished eating dinner.

iMom: Bakit? Anong problema?

Patch: Kasi ipa-pass na namin ‘to bukas, eh hindi pa ako tapos.

iMom: Bakit hindi mo natapos?

Patch: Kasi incomplete ang materials ko. Wala akong dalang box nung Monday.

iMom: Bakit hindi ka nagdala? We even went to the bookstore to buy the clay for this project, di ba?

Patch: Eh kasi the teacher announced about the box last Friday, lunch time. Wala ako sa classroom. Walang nagsabi sa akin.

iMom: So madami kayong walang box?

Patch (nods head): Tapos sabi ni Mr.D bawal daw gawin sa house. Dapat sa school lang during break time. If he finds out the project was done at home, zero na daw ang grade.

(iMom’s eyes narrow.)

iMom: And you only have Art class every Monday, right? And it’s only 40 minutes? Now he wants you to finish this complicated project in less than two days without working on it at home?

Patch nods to all of the above.

iMom: Okay, let’s get down to work. Akong bahala sa teacher mo.

Patch wipes her tears off. We work on the project ’til 10 pm.

After she went to bed, I went to the PC to write Mr.D a 409-word letter.

I’m glad that, by the time I composed the letter, I’ve had time to calm down. (I guess helping Patch work on the project was therapeutic.) Otherwise, it could have been worse… and much, much longer.Ā  Here are some parts:

Dear Mr. Art Teacher,

This is regarding the art projects that are being required from the Grade 4 students. I appreciate your efforts to instill the value of artistic creativity among our students.

[*insert big BUT here*]

…Please set reasonable timelines and guidelines. If they are not allowed to work on the project at home, and they only have less than an hour of Art class every week, when are they supposed to do it? During break time? Please remember: if we adults need our coffee breaks and lunch breaks, our children need theirs too.

I wrote this letter because my daughter was crying while doing her art project. She is a creative soul, and she should have been enjoying doing the project, not crying over it.

Thank you for your time. Iā€™d appreciate feedback from you.

Truly yours,


Kids these days are stressed enough studying for seemingly unending cycles of tests. My kids study in a Chinese school, so double the pressure in a regular school –Ā  that’s how much pressure they get. Now here comes an Art teacher making impossible demands, expecting kids to act like adults, as if he himself were so organized. Why the last minute announcement then???

And the subject is Art, for goodness’ sake! Isn’t Art supposed to be fun, an avenue for kids to chill and express creativity? All other subjects seem to torture students. Why can’t they just give this one subject for them to enjoy?

Oh yeah, I cc’d the letter to the Assistant Principal. (Who’s the biatch now?) šŸ˜›


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20 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Art Teacher

  1. Mabuti letter lang ang natanggap ni Mr. D. Ang tanong, if he was given the same amount of time to do the same project, kaya rin ba nya? Grabe, he should review his own set of standards para alam nya what should and shouldn’t be imposed on his students otherwise, what the heck is he doing being a teacher!?!

  2. And to think that Art Class in not even a major subject in school ha! I agree that Art should be a fun subject for kids. Kaya nga nilagyan ng mga ganyang subjects ang curriculum di ba para maging holistic and development nila. Hindi puro drills and tasks lang ang learning, there should be fun too.

    May issues sa buhay itong teacher na ito. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk…

    I understand that most schools require projects to be done in school to ensure that the pupils are really the ones doing them. BUT it should depend on how major the needed output is needed AND they should set reasonable deadlines! Kawawa naman ang mga bata. You daughter is lucky to have a mom like you. Paano kaya yung ibang classmates niya who are suffering from the same stress?

  3. Nairita ako!!!! Grrrr to the art teacher.

    Okay I don’t have kids, but I do remember loving art class. And I still love creating.

    One of the best parts of creativity is the conceptualization stage. This is when the imagination really gets exercised and all possibilities are introduced. This needs time. In some projects baka kailangan Quickfire ang dating, pero if one really wants to help hone the creative spirit and fuel the creative juices of people, time needs to be given. Especially to kids, whose minds are so fertile with creative possibilities!!

    Kairita yang teacher na yan. Artistic ba sya? Hmph.

    *gets off her soapbox now*

  4. I did talk about stress in my homeschooling post, didn’t I?

    The teachers in Trixie’s school are much more understanding. Sana ganun din sa ibang school.

  5. There goes the mother in you. Hehe. Would you believe many kids are said to be prone to depression these days because of the many academic tasks assigned to them in school? What grade 1 pupils are doing today are stuff we did when we were in grade 5 back then. Kulang na lang mag-calculus sila sa grade 1 eh.

  6. Cookie! Some teachers – feeling nila ang mission sa buhay ay magpahirap.

    Hi Dexie! Yes, she better talk to him. I think she had a chat with him yesterday, according to my mole a.k.a. Vera! LOLZ. She is so smart and chismosa.

  7. Mauie! I did not want to come on too strong in the letter. But, exactly, Arts in NOT a major subject, bakit kailangang pahirapan???

    Toni! Instead of encouraging creativity, it’s stifled when you put too much pressure on a project. Ano ba yun!

  8. Julie! Kung meron lang Chinese sa JASMS, lilipat na kami.

    Ladycess! I don’t write teachers very often. Pag sobra na, ayan, love letter ang katapat nya. I find myself being able to express better through writing than talking.

  9. *gets off her soapbox now* – this made me laugh, Toni šŸ˜€

    Hi abaniko! Oh, yes, the stagemama in me came out! Exactly my point: too many tasks, tests, quizzes. Everything is made difficult. Are we creating a super-generation here?

  10. Hi Toni! naku, deadma as ever ang teacher. he has not attempted to contact me. That’s the other thing that pisses me off: teachers who don’t have the proper courtesy to reply /give feedback.

    Ahem. Three commenters here are teachers, btw – Julie, Mauie, and Toni. I’m sure they are doing awesome in dealing with their students.

  11. Hi Chats, kawawa naman Patch. I can just imagine her crying while doing the art project. You did the right thing in writing that teacher. Like Cess, if I have time, I would go straight to that Art teacher. Di ba nya alam meaning ng break time? Kainis ganyang mga teachers noh. Mga kids ko din stressed out na talaga, I usually do Pio and Gabbie’s projects or else magwawala na sila dito sa house with all the homeworks and exams.

  12. That’s a well written letter Chats. I don’t understand why some teachers can be so unreasonably demanding.

    Children should enjoy doing arts and crafts instead of worrying and crying about it.

    I hope that teacher realizes his mistake.

  13. Wenchie, lilipas din nag mga araw na ito. Pagdating ng panahon na yan, puti na lahat ng buhok natin! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

    Rachel, oo nga eh. He called our house yesterday, but I wasn’t home. I wonder what he has got to tell. Will update you guys!

  14. hi chats,

    i like how you composed your letter. i would have done the same thing, in fact, i did something like that to Steffi’s sister in elementary because he marked her paper wrong when i knew it was right. instead of sending him a letter, i went straight to the teacher and brought it up to his attention. it never happened again.

  15. Hi Belle! thank yoou for the visit šŸ™‚

    Writing letters to our kids’ teachers is really an effective tool of communication. I prefer writing a letter first before personally seeing (read:sugod! hehe) the teacher for these reasons:

    1. as record of the account. 2. for proper filing. 3. to make sure all my points are gotten across. Sometimes pag nag-uusap, may mga nakakalimutan akong sabihin.

  16. The power of the mommy pen! It did wonders for me and my children too during their student days. So, what happened after? Did your letter to mr. art teacher work?

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