Dash Chinese language school in Ortigas

For those of you who want their children to learn Chinese but live in areas like Pasig, Antipolo, Cainta, Marikina and thereabouts, you know that finding a good Chinese school  or Chinese language school in those areas is quite a challenge.

That’s why Dash Cultural and Educational Institute opened a branch at Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas, Ortigas – to cater to those who live in that area.

Dash chinese language school Metro Manila

The programs at Dash Chinese language school are for Chinese and non-Chinese speakers alike. Even if you’re Filipino and want to learn Chinese, the programs at Dash are ideal for you. I took the Chinese Character Canon course with them last year and, as a non-Chinese speaker, I think the results are fair (all things, such as age and aging neurons, taken into consideration).

Though I cannot speak fluently, I can understand basic conversations. With a bit more pushing (as in if I took time to review my textbooks or read Chinese children’s stories on a regular basis), I think I can do better. The key, I realize, is continuous exposure to the language.

Of course we know that the earlier we get the kids started, the better for them. So if you have little kids that you want to be fluent in the Chinese language, Dash is the place to go.

Why? Two things, I think:

The teachers. Dash has licensed teachers from China who specially trained to teach the Chinese Character Canon course. They have mastered the techniques of teaching the course, which is said to be the fastest way to learn Chinese. On top of that, the two founding teachers, Li Lao Shi (teacher Li) and Long Lao Shi (teacher Long), are truly passionate with their profession. They want their students to not only learn Chinese, but also to appreciate the language and culture. In that regard, I think their approach is holistic.

The method. At the end of the basic  6-month course, the student is supposed to have mastered 1,000 characters! Does that beat 6 years of studying Chinese during grade school? I think so. Again I say it depends on the student. According to the teachers at Dash, results are excellent among children between 5 and 12 years.

If you’re interested to learn enroll in a Chinese language school, just call the numbers on the photo above. Look for teacher Li or teacher Long.

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  1. Ang cute, you and the kids. Pahiram nga si Nate! Lol. Talking about Nate, naalala ko, there’s Kung Fu Panda 2 na in the making.

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