Dark Circles

On some days, I have them really bad. Other days are a bit more forgiving.

I’m talking about deark circles under eyes.

I have friends who have really bad cases of dark under-eyes. One seems to have the genes for it (because all of them – she and her sisters – have those ‘panda eyes’). The other is exposed to too much sun. Both heredity and sun exposure are known causes of dark under-eyes.

Another cause is ageing. The skin thins as it loses more fat and collagen, making the blood vessels more visible on the surface. I get dark under-eyes when I’m tired.

There is no permanent cure for dark eyes, but there are a lot of remedies. Applying cold compress helps constrict the blood vessels around the eyes. The best eye creams that are said to work are those with high peptide content, as well as vitamins K, C, and E.

Avoid too much exposure to the sun, as this stimulates the skin to produce more melanin (the dark pigment). Finally, a good concealer should work best, if all else fails.

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