Daily Dose of V Quips 3

Nakapag-ipon na ulit ako ng V Quips, so here’s another installment.


Last month, my dad’s US-based older brother and his wife came to visit the Philippines. Dad, Uncle B and Auntie P spent one whole afternoon catching up on each other at a gas station that happened to be near my kids’ school. Someone thought it was a good idea to bring my kids there after school so they could meet their grannies. So I did. 

Fast forward to  snack time…

Auntie P: What do you like to eat, kids? Choose whatever you like… Go ahead!

My kids hesitated, just a little bit, but got themselves some ice cream and drinks anyway. The adults chatted some more. The kids started to get bored, found themselves lingering near the freezer. Tita T (owner of the gas station) notices V looking at something inside the freezer. (At this point, I pretend they are not my kids. Nakakahiya!)

Tita T: What do you like?

V (smiles sheepishly): That one (points to Nestle Pops)… But that’s expensive eh.

Tita T (probably amused): Don’t worry, I’m rich!

V (eyes lit up, grinning widely): Oooh, she’s rich!


Same afternoon with their new-found grannies…

V to Uncle B: Are you sure you’re 83?

Uncle B (who only wears reading eyeglasses, despite his age): Yes. Why?

V: Because Lolo looks older than you, hihihi. But don’t tell Lolo!

Uncle B: I like this girl!


Last week in Baguio. V talking to BIL…

V: What happened to your like that? (touches her face with her fingers to refer to stubbles.)

BIL: I shaved na. Why?

V: Aaah… You look  better with the like that. (touches her face again.)

Days later…

Sis #1: Lab, mag shave ka na, ang haba na ng stubbles mo!

BIL: Oi, sabi ni V mas bagay ko daw pag meron yan!


O ha! Nakabola na naman ang anak ko. Not just one, but two! 😛

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