Daily Dose of V-Quips 2

Amid tons of books, notes to study and tests to prepare for (tell me again: Where has the fun gone in schooling???), a day is never dull with V’s quips!


Last week, VGood and I were studying for a Filipino recitation test. The topic was introduction of self in the Filipino language. In her barok Am-girlish Filipino, we practiced together.

Me: Ano ang iyong pangarap paglaki mo?

V: (decides to ditch her shoe-designing dream) Gusto ko pong maging guro.

Me: Bakit mo naman gustong maging guro? (Thought bubble: Gusto ko sana shoe designer ka na lang please!!!)

V: Kasi gusto ko magaturo ng mga bata.

Me: Wow! Ang bait mo naman!

V: At tsaka… (with a sheepish grin) gusto ko talaga ng chalk eh!

I hope she keeps that line out during recitation in class! 😛


While driving home from school one afternoon, VGood reads a restaurant signage:

V: One haw, one haw? What does it mean, ma?

Patch: Ihaw-ihaw! “i” yun, hindi one!

Once again, VGood doesn’t fail to bring laughter to our trip home.

11 thoughts on “Daily Dose of V-Quips 2

  1. hahaha 🙂 cute talaga ni V pero wawa kamo pano yan by the time na teacher siya di na uso chalk kasi white board na lahat. or like me teacher pero felt pens lang gamit wala chalk 🙁 basta pag nalipad flying rav eh included na sa care package special chalk from deutschland 😉

  2. Speaking of chalk, alam mo type ko din ang chalk nung araw. One of my ambitions as a child was to own a blackboard. And then i have heard of moms who eat chalk pag naglilihi.

    I love love love that hawrithmetic quip. Luv ya, Vgood.

  3. Mommy Chats, bilan mo nga ng colored chalks. Like V, I also wanted to be a teacher. Pero when I homeschooled Pio and now si Bea, suko nako kagad…Katuwa talaga si V. Kisses to the kids.

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